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The Act of Giving Is the Best Gift of All

Innovator family joining charity event

Innovator Act of Giving

Embracing the Act of Giving Back to the Community

The act of giving feeling seems contagious during the holiday season — even infectious. With an attitude of gratitude, nine members of the INNOVATOR crew went out into the community to do just that: give!

We traveled to the Bissel Centre in Edmonton one morning in December, which gave us a chance to give back to our community just in time for the holidays. Zack Cooper-Black and a large team for innovators had fun volunteering in Food Services.

Why did we choose the Bissel Centre? Currently serving roughly 250 people per day, the United Church of Canada founded this not-for-profit organization over 100 years ago on the grounds of eliminating poverty and helping individuals become prosperous. That focus on people helping people was a natural fit with the INNOVATOR culture, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Are you interested in joining us for our next volunteer group activity? Do you have a favorite nonprofit you’d like to suggest we volunteer at? Reach out with comments, questions, and ideas!


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