Discover A New Turnaround Process That Saves You 50% In Labor Costs

Are you tired of your turnaround services always coming in over-budget? Never meeting guidelines and not submitting paperwork on-time? Not meeting internal inspection schedules or not having the proper equipment for the job?

Wasting valuable person-hours and costing 10s of thousands of dollars due to lack of preparation? Unfortunately, that’s been the standard norm. Specialty services have evolved on turnarounds over the last 25 years.

So what do we plan on doing about it?

Originally, specialty services included services such as technical bolting, field machining, heat treatment, hydro testing, and inspections.

Today, it’s a whole new ball game.

That’s where we come in. We harness technology to bring our clients a prepared workforce, often cutting the number of people required for the job by 50%.

Our proprietary system allows us to begin a job with all necessary equipment for the job and any found work on-site without delay.

Begin optimizing your turnaround process today for free.

•Streamline the planning process
•Learn how to only utilize the requisite equipment
•Understand the process for only send the necessary number of (cross-trained) crew members
•Increase safety, productivity & cost-effectiveness across the board
•And go through a 9-step process created and proven by industry leaders to reduce labour costs by 50% and achieve zero injuries