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Decisions That Create Value

Decisions can be categorized as acts of omission or commission. While both can result in mistakes, only acts of commission have the potential to create value and prevent irrelevance.

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No bad days

The Cure For Low Productivity

Boosting productivity can be achieved by following the GOLF method: setting a Goal, creating an Optimal environment, minimizing Limited distractions, and establishing a Fixed timeframe for tasks.

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Your Vision Of Excellence

Your Vision Of Excellence

Reflect on your vision of excellence, aiming for mastery rather than mere success. Strive for consistent engagement and focus, and eliminate dabbling to become a top expert in your field.

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Technician Installing Composite Repair On A Pipe

4 Reasons To Use Composite Repair

Composite repair offers cost-efficient solutions for repairing damaged pipes and structures without hot work. Choose custom-engineered options, extend lifespan, strengthen structures, and avoid safety risks.

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Danger Of Data

The Value And Danger Of Data

Discover the value of data in achieving goals and outcomes. Learn how to use data to course correct, self-audit effectiveness, and find new ways to achieve desired results.

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Positive Habit

The Positive Habit Formula

Discover the “Positive Habit Formula” to implement lasting positive habits that can transform your life, using motivation, ability, and prompts. Start small and see real results.

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Success Through Alignment

Success is achieved through alignment with the belief systems and values of the company or individuals you work with, fostering prosperity and common ground.

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