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Technical Bolting

Ensure leak-free operations and maximize safety with our reliable technical bolting services.

With a deep understanding of the critical role bolted flange connections play in industrial facilities, we offer comprehensive solutions to maintain joint integrity.

Our expertise in controlled bolting, including hydraulic techniques, engineered specifications, and meticulous inspection, ensures precise and reliable bolted connections.

Trust us to provide the highest standards of safety and quality, giving you peace of mind and minimizing the risk of leaks or failures.

Experience leak-free operations with our trusted technical bolting services.

Learn About Technical Bolting


  • Bolting Torquing
  • Hydraulic Torquing
    • High-precision bolt tightening
    • Consistent and controlled torque application
    • Ideal for large-scale industrial projects
  • Stud Tensioning
    • Uniform and accurate bolt tensioning
    • Minimizes risk of joint failure or leakage
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic equipment for precise stud stretching
  • Hot Bolt Change-outs
    • Replacement of bolts in high-temperature environments
    • Specialized techniques and tools for working in hot conditions
    • Ensures safe and efficient bolt removal and installation


  • Reliable Bolt Tension: Achieve optimal bolt tension, preventing leaks and joint failures.
  • Enhanced Safety: Trust our expertise and industry-leading quality for leak-free operations.
  • Cost Savings: Benefit from our cost-effective solutions, minimizing maintenance expenses.
  • Minimized Downtime: Efficient hot bolt change-outs reduce downtime during bolt replacements in high-temperature environments.
  • Consistent Torque Application: High-precision hydraulic torquing ensures reliable and controlled torque application.
  • Even Load Distribution: Uniform stud tensioning minimizes joint failure risks by ensuring even distribution of loads.


  • Flange connections in oil and gas pipelines
  • Bolting for pressure vessels and reactors in chemical plants
  • Turbine assembly in power generation facilities
  • Fastening of structural components in heavy machinery and equipment
  • Bolted connections in offshore drilling rigs and platforms
  • Assembly of heat exchangers and boilers in industrial plants
  • Flange connections in water treatment facilities
  • Bolting for compressor and pump installations
  • Pipeline flange connections in refineries
  • Fastening of conveyor systems in mining operations
  • And More!


  • ABSA
  • TSSA
  • AMSE
  • And More!

Listen To The Technical Bolting Podcast

Click on the button below to hear Don Cooper and CanTorque discuss the technical bolting industry and how it has evolved over the years.

Save Money

Innovator Industrial services Technical Bolting solutions provide a wide range of options, so you don’t waste any time, money or energy hunting around for suppliers. Our pricing is among the most competitive in the industry to give you the peace-of-mind that you always get the best ROI.

Save Time

Innovator Technical Bolting professionals are trained and practiced to perform their duties with 100% efficiency, without compromise to safety or quality. That means down-time is reduced and your facilty is up and running more quickly.

Protect Health

Technical bolting is not an easy job to do. That’s why we use the very best equipment and parts, and the most highly trained professionals in the country. The prime concern at Innovator is that no one ever gets hurt on the job. That’s a rock-solid promise.

Suffering from Bolted Connection Issues? Get Reliable Technical Bolting Solutions!

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