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The Formula for your Next Promotion

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Here is the magic formula to getting your next raise or next promotion. This formula is a secret that only the top 5% have discovered. I’m relieving it under risk that the other Holders of this secret might not be happy with me.

Please don’t tell anyone I told you.

The same is true of every role in every business:

Sales, operations, field execution, shop, administration, marketing, engineering, safety and quality – the top people don’t have a magic secret short cut.

They do one thing to be top performers and stay top performers – they work their asses off.

Below – replace the word “sales” for what ever role you are in today or any role you wish to have in your career.

There is nothing magical about what the top sales people in the world do. They work really hard. Really really hard. They are really competitive.

They go the extra mile whether they’re prospecting, prepping, probing, presenting, proposing or following-up. They know their business and their competitors.’

And beyond their incredible work ethic and resolve to win, they understand that winning the sale requires connecting with the customer on a personal level.

So many people in sales (or operations, execution, marketing, finance) are looking for the shortcut to success, but there are no shortcuts.

Everyone wants the trick, the secret, the hack. But there are none. The best operations guys and the best corporate B2B sales guys on planet Earth work their asses off—still!

After years of being on top, they continue working their asses off and working to master the basics until it’s just the way they are.

They don’t have a quitting time, they stop working when the work is done and then they get up early the next morning and go 110% again. There is no 3pm short day or 930am start.

That’s the formula to be top in what ever role you are in. – Working your ass off.

Who knew?

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