Cold Work Grinding Solutions

Grind surfaces without heat, without dust, faster, and safer. Implement cutting edge technology and patented systems and materials to eliminate the need for hot work permits. Reduced vibration and increased equipment lifetime performance boosts ROI and increases safe results.

The value to you is improved, efficient employee performance in every EX-environment while reducing costs associated with hot work.

This Is The Only Ex-Certified Tool Of Its Kind!

More About These Tools

Tools Thoroughly Tested by Experts

  • GexCon – Explosion
  • ATR – Vibration
  • Multiconsult – Noise
  • Department of Chemical Analysis Norden – Dust & Degassing
  • Jotun, Veritas, International, PPG – Adhesions

The Benefits You Get From These Tools

  • No sparks = No explosion
  • Temperature less than 70 oC
  • Noise Levels less than 85 dBA
  • Vibration less than 2.5 ms2 = 8 hour use each day
  • No dangerous fumes (No release of isocyanates)
  • Minimal dust due to the low RPM and unique teeth
  • Particles & splinters are blunt
  • Blunt fragments does not penetrate skin

Every challenge is accepted. We start with how, and then we find a way.

Don Cooper Founder & CEO
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