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Cold Work Grinding Solutions

Grind surfaces without heat, without dust, faster, and safer. Implement cutting edge technology and patented systems and materials to eliminate the need for hot work permits. Reduced vibration and increased equipment lifetime performance boosts ROI and increases safe results.

The value to you is improved, efficient employee performance in every EX-environment while reducing costs associated with hot work.

Learn How To Eliminate Grinding Hot Work Permits


  • No sparks = No explosion
  • Temperature less than 70 oC
  • Noise Levels less than 85 dBA
  • Vibration less than 2.5 ms2 = 8 hour use each day
  • No dangerous fumes (No release of isocyanates)
  • Minimal dust due to the low RPM and unique teeth
  • Particles & splinters are blunt
  • Blunt fragments does not penetrate skin


  • No Hot Work Permits – ATEX Certified
  • Certified safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 and 2 (dust zones 21 and 22) without a hot work permit.
  • Files and Disks Last 100X to 9000X longer than traditional files and disks


  • Weld removal
  • Surface Prep
  • Deck plate removal
  • Topside pipe cutting
  • Grating removal
  • Pinhole corrosion
  • Bolt removal
  • Edge smoothing
  • Valve corrosion
  • Stuck bolts
  • Paint removal
  • Topcoat removal
  • Steel removal
  • And much more

Compliance & Testing

  • ATEX Certified
  • DNV
  • GexCon – Explosion Tested
  • ATR– Vibration Tested
  • Multiconsult – Noise
  • Department of Chemical Analysis Norden – Dust and Degassing Tested
  • Jotun, Veritas, International, PPG – Adhesions Tested

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No Hot Work Permits

Innovator’s Safety Tools Cold Grinding and Cutting Solutions are cold work certified, allowing you to use the tools in places other grinder can’t, and eliminate the hot work permit hassel 

No Sparks, No Heat

Innovator’s Safety Tools do not generate any sparks or high temperatures, allowing you to use them anywhere.

Protect Health

Innovator’s non-sparking, low-temperature, low-noise, and low-vibration tools minimize dust, dangerous fumes, and skin-penetrating fragments, enhancing safety in hazardous environments.

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Cold Grinding & Cutting - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Innovator’s Cold Grinding and Cutting products are non-sparking, operate at a temperature less than 70°C, produce noise levels less than 85 dBA, and have vibrations less than 2.5 ms². This allows for safe 8-hour use each day. They do not release dangerous fumes and produce minimal dust due to the low RPM and unique teeth.

Innovator’s Ex-certified tools are used in many sectors, such as energy, oil and gas, mining, marine, and maritime.

The tools can be used for a variety of tasks including weld removal, drilling deck projects, deck plate removal, topside pipe cutting, grating removal, pinhole corrosion, bolt removal, edge smoothing, valve corrosion, stuck bolts, paint removal, topcoat removal, steel removal, and more.

By using the Steel Grinding Suitcase, jobs can be completed in half the time conventional methods would have taken, leading to significant cost savings. For example, one project saved approximately $300,000 in costs.

Yes, the equipment follows ATEX guidelines and is certified safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 and 2 (dust zones 21 and 22) without a hot work permit.

The noise level from the cutting wheel is so low that it allows for a normal conversation while cutting through a 4-inch pipe.

The tools have been reported to significantly increase work efficiency. For instance, they have been used to cut out welds attaching equipment in an area in one shift without having to shut down the facility.

They operate at a temperature less than 70°C, reducing the risk of overheating and potential accidents.

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