Weldless Connections

Eliminate hot work and save a ton of time with Quickflange® – a technology that Innovator uses for Weldless Connections. The value here is that it easily joins piping and tubing together without the hot work obstacles of traditional welding.

Suitable for both low and high pressure applications, this work can be completed very fast in comparison to welding(it takes only seconds).

There are numerous benefits to using the Quickflange® fittings:

  • No special skilled labour required versus a qualified welder
  • No need for hot work permits, meaning no need for the fire watch personnel
  • No leaks as a result of stress fatigue cracks as seen in welds
  • Tons of money saved with not having to re-work welds
  • No acid flushing chemicals required
  • No environmental waste
  • Easy to install in tight, confined spaces
  • And a 100% safe and tamper-proof fitting

The heat-free installation makes this technology a great solution for skipping all the headaches that come with performing hot work on your piping.

As far as costs are concerned – the cost of the Quickflange® material is about 4 times more than what is required for welding, but the labour for installation and inspection is approximately 10% of what welding costs!

We love that we can offer such an efficient solution that also saves dollars for our clients.

With over half-a-million parts in stock, we’re ready and able to serve you in an efficient,timely manner.

We can offer you either a turnkey solution where the material is supplied and installed by the technicians at Innovator, or we can happily train your team to use this technology.

With an easy 3-step installation of marking the pipe, using the pressurized tool, and inspecting the joint after, we believe you’ll find Quickflange® to be a solution that will greatly increase the efficiency of your workplace.

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