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Experience precise flatness inspections and cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions with Innovator Industrial Services.

Elevate your quality control processes and ensure compliance with our advanced technologies. From assessing flanges and heat exchangers to capturing intricate details of piping systems, we deliver accurate measurements and detailed models.

Trust our expertise for reliable and efficient solutions that optimize your operations.

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  • Laser Flatness Inspections:

    • Accurate assessment of flanges and heat exchangers’ flatness.

    • Identification of irregularities and deviations.
    • Capture precise data using laser measurement systems.
    • Generate detailed 3D representations of objects.
    • Capture the geometry and dimensions of complex piping systems.
  • 3D Scanning:

    • Capture precise measurements and detailed models of objects.
    • Utilize advanced scanning technology for high-resolution results.
    • Efficiently document and visualize designs.
    • Streamline workflow and reduce errors.
    • Provide accurate modeling and analysis of piping systems.


  • Laser Flatness Inspections:

    • Ensures compliance with stringent standards.
    • Improves performance and safety of equipment.
    • Enhances quality control and reduces rework.
    • Enables early detection of potential issues.
    • Increases efficiency in maintenance and inspections.
  • 3D Scanning:

    • Accurate documentation of as-built conditions.
    • Enables precise measurements and analysis.
    • Facilitates clash detection and interference analysis.
    • Enhances design visualization and communication.
    • Reduces project time and costs.


  • Laser Flatness Inspections:

    • Flange face and exchanger face inspections 10x faster
    • Oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants.
    • Power generation facilities.
    • Pharmaceutical and food processing plants.
  • 3D Scanning:

    • Engineering, and construction (AEC) projects.
    • Precise Component and Modification Design
    • Industrial plant and facility design.
    • Reverse engineering and prototyping.

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Enhanced Precision

Laser flatness inspections and 3D scanning provide accurate measurements and detailed analysis, ensuring compliance and optimizing performance.

Streamlined Workflow

These technologies save time and resources by eliminating manual measurements and traditional methods, increasing productivity and reducing project timelines.

Save Time

Laser flatness inspections and 3D scanning provide rapid data capture and analysis, facilitating faster reporting and decision-making processes.

Unleash the Power of Laser-Precise Flatness Inspections and Efficient 3D Scanning Solutions

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Laser Flatness Inspection & 3D Scanning - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Laser flatness inspections for flanges ensure the surfaces are within required flatness tolerances, promoting proper sealing, preventing leaks, and ensuring the integrity of the connection.

Laser flatness inspections help assess the flatness of heat exchanger surfaces 10x faster than dial indicators, helping to quickly identify problematic faces than need to be machined. Flatness of these components helps to ensure efficient heat transfer, preventing energy losses, and maintaining optimal performance.

Laser flatness inspections involve using laser measurement systems to scan the surfaces, capturing precise data on deviations from flatness, and generating reports for analysis.

3D scanning accurately captures the intricate details of piping systems, aiding in design, clash detection, as-built documentation, and analysis for efficient installation, modification, or maintenance.

Yes, 3D scanning provides as-built documentation of existing piping systems, enabling precise measurements and design integration for efficient retrofitting, expansion, or system upgrades.

3D scanning streamlines the project workflow by reducing manual measurements, minimizing errors, facilitating accurate design visualization, clash detection, and enabling efficient decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

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