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Composite Repair

Repair pipe of any size without welding or hot work, in just hours! Innovator Composite Repair Solutions feature top-quality wraps with highest standards composite material, high-strength filler, and adhesive.

Repair elbows, welds, nozzles, reducers, pin hole leaks, and flange leaks quickly, effectively, and economically with Innovator Composite Repair. 

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  • Pipe Size & Schedule: 
    • Any Size
  • Operating Temperatures: 
    • Up to 750℉ (400℃)*
  • Line Contents: 
    • Most Process Contents
  • Defect Repairs: 
    • Corrosion, Erosion, Pin Holes, Cracks*
  • Repair Life: 
    • Up to 20 Years
  • Ideal for repairs involving complicated geometry, including tees, flanges, and varying diameter pipe


  • Eliminates unplanned downtime for high consequence piping
  • Extends the life of aging and corroding assets
  • No pipe cutting or welding
  • Minimal creep ensures a long service life
  • No VOCs
  • Prevents future external corrosion
  • No hot work
  • No Unnecessary Downtime
  • Eliminate all the time and cost typically dedicated to cutting and welding and get back online fast


  • Process Piping
  • Cooling Water Lines
  • Flare Lines
  • Blow Down Lines
  • Chemical Processing Lines
  • Energy Risers
  • Steel Pipe
  • Stack Towers
  • Steam Piping
  • Storage Tanks and Vessels


  • ABSA
    • AB-539
  • TSSA*
  • ASME PCC-2
  • API
  • CSA Z662

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Click  on the button below to access a our composite repair webinar, and learn how Innovator’s Composite Repair Solutions is your perfect solution to fast, economical and safe piping system repairs.

Save Money

Innovator Composite Solutions reduce the expense and opportunity lost through extensive hot work and piping replacement. Your facility and employees are back to work faster, and the repairs are less expensive than costly production interruptions.

Save Time

Innovator Composite Solutions can take just a few hours to complete. Reduce downtime and get production back online faster with Composite Repairs.

Protect Health

Eliminate hot work, eliminate sparks, eliminate the dangers of explosions. No one wants to work in an unsafe or dangerous environment, and Innovator Composite Repair Solutions uses no cutting or welding.

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10 / 10
Overall Rating: Exceptional
Safety Rating: Exceptional
Survey Date: 26/06/2024

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Composite Repair - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Composite repair is a method used to repair damaged process piping using composite materials. It involves the application of a composite wrap or sleeve over the damaged area to reinforce and restore the strength of the pipe.

Composite repair should be used in process piping when the damage is moderate and the integrity of the pipe is still intact. It is ideal for repairing corrosion, cracks, dents, and leaks.

Composite repair offers several advantages over traditional repair methods such as welding or replacement, including lower cost, faster installation, minimal downtime, and improved durability.

Composite repair can fix various types of damage in process piping, including corrosion, cracks, dents, and leaks.

The materials used in composite repair typically include fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar fabric and a resin system, such as epoxy or polyester.

The lifespan of composite repair in process piping varies depending on several factors, including the type of composite material used, the extent of the damage, and the conditions in which the pipe operates. Typically, composite repair can last up to 20 years or more.

The installation process for composite repair involves several steps, including surface preparation, applying the composite material, curing the resin, and sanding the surface.

Some safety considerations when performing composite repair on process piping include wearing personal protective equipment, working in a well-ventilated area, and following the manufacturer’s instructions for the composite material and resin system.

To ensure the quality of composite repair in process piping, it is essential to use high-quality materials, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and perform proper surface preparation and installation techniques. Additionally, testing and inspection should be performed before and after installation.

Composite repair is generally less expensive than traditional repair methods, such as welding or replacement. The cost of composite repair varies depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the pipe, and the type of composite material used. However, composite repair can save costs associated with downtime and labor.

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