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For over 14 years, owners and contractors of industrial facilities across Canada have relied on Innovator Industrial Services for the inspection, repair, and modification of pressurized systems. Innovator leads the way in creating value through innovation, especially when improving safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness is the objective.

Innovator’s strength comes from its Core Values: “Find a Way”, “Results Matter”, “Always Growing”, “We Own It”, and “Family First.”

Every Innovator employee understands that every other employee looks out for them; for their physical safety and their mental well-being. Just as when one of their own family members is in need, Innovator is there for them to provide a helping hand. We want to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of their day happy and healthy. That’s why we put “Family First.”

When we make a promise to our customers, we owe them positive results. Innovator people own an “accountability mindset.” We deliver what we promise; and we own up when there is a mistake or failure. No excuses; no alibis. Our customers know that at Innovator, “We Own It.”

Any company that does not focus on growth will quickly wither and die. At Innovator, we live by “Semper Magis” – Always Better. We love to learn and grow, both as a business and as individuals. We seek new ways to learn, new tools to use, and new methods to achieve success. And it’s not a matter of waiting for the “new” to come and find us: we seek out innovation so that we are “Always Growing.”

In our business, results are the bottom line. The hours of effort, the use of the best technology and the smartest methods, are just pathways to the end goal of positive results. Because, at the end of the day, the only thing our customers really need and care about is that “Results Matter.”

All those values add up to one simple statement: We Find a Way. Innovation is what we do, and it’s what our clients count on for the best results. We accept every challenge and find a way to optimize outcomes. At Innovator, our Can-Do / Will-Do Attitude means, simply put, we “Find a Way.”

Learn how many ways we can say to you, “YES! We Can!”

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