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Improve Safety, Productivity, and Cost Effectiveness when you Inspect, Repair, or Modify Pressurized Systems

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Let us help you with your next repair. Our crews are cross-trained, letting us complete your job with fewer technicians.

A Leaking Flange that Innovator Could Fix with our Leak Repair Pay Once Promise

Industrial Leak Repair

Fast, reliable leak solutions for your critical infrastructure, minimizing downtime and environmental risks.

Quickflange Weldless Connection Flange video Photo

Weldless Flanges & Connections

Innovative, weldless connections for safe, efficient pipe joining in challenging environments, saving time and costs.

Pipleline coated with Composite repair

Composite Repair

Advanced, composite repairs for increased structural integrity and corrosion resistance, extending asset life.

Looking for help on your project?

Specialty Equipment Rentals for Field Machining Hydro Testing Technical Bolting Cold Cutting Plug Testing Tensioning

Who is Innovator?

Innovator, a decade-long leader in Canada’s oil, gas, and industrial sectors, excels in safety, technology, and innovation. With a 0.0 TRIR for 10 years and continuous development of hot work reduction solutions, we provide cost-effective, exceptionally safe services.

Experience the Innovator Advantage for a leak-free workplace.

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