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Field Machining & Cold Cutting

Innovator offers top-tier field machining services, mastering cold cutting, pipe beveling, flange facing, and detailed pump base milling. We apply advanced techniques for heat exchanger machining, precise stud removal, line boring, and meticulous shaft repair. Unwavering in our commitment to safety and precision, we successfully serve industries like oil and gas, mining, and power generation.

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1- Cold Cutting, Pipe Beveling & Transitions

  • 1″to 60″ range

2- Flange Facing

  • 1″ to 80″
  • ID and OD mount configurations.

3- Pump and Compressor Base Milling

  • Custom modifications and setups in various sizes and configurations

4- Heat Exchanger Machining

  • Flange resurfacing up to 120″
  • Surface profile inspection with Laser Tracker
  • Surface profile inspection with Laser Tracker

5- Line Boring

  • Standard bars range from 1 ¾” to 10” diameters and lengths up to 24′

6- Shaft Repair

  • End mount and mid-shaft machines

7- Stud Removal & Drilling

  • Drilling from large stud removal to magnetic-based smaller needs


  • Make repairs to above ground storage tanks while they’re in-service, eliminating time consuming shut down tasks like cleaning and degassing.
  • Make repairs to the safety equipment in your facility outside of your turnaround, ensuring you don’t have to push off safety repairs that could compromise workers.
  • Discover how the minimal thermal energy required is well under the hot-work threshold, and how Forge Bonds are performed by a machine, generating very consistent results.


  • Pipe cutting and preparation for welding.
  • Flange facing for optimal seal integrity.
  • Machining of sealing surfaces on a range of flange sizes.
  • In-situ flange repairs for industry applications.
  • Surface leveling for efficient pump and compressor operation.
  • Custom modifications for specialized requirements.
  • Resurfacing and slot milling for optimal heat exchanger performance.
  • Use of Laser Tracker for precise surface profile inspection.
  • Removal of damaged or corroded studs.
  • Drilling needs across a range of sizes and applications.
  • Precision boring for large equipment repair and installation.
  • Extensive bar inventory to accommodate diverse requirements.
  • In-place machining for damaged or worn-out shafts.
  • Solutions for difficult access areas with split frame drive units.

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Innovator Field Machining & Cold Cutting services get the job done on-time every time, so you can plan any down time to the minute, preserving production time and worker activity waste.

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Innovator Field Machining & Cold Cutting offers a wide variety of services in a single-supplier scenario, and that means you save money (and wasted time) hunting for a variety of service suppliers. Innovator is your one-stop shop!

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Innovator technicians are some of the most highly-trained and professional people in the industry. They know that our core value of “Family First” means everyone goes home at the end of every shift safe and sound to their loving families.

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Field Machining - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cold cutting is a process where material is cut without generating excessive heat, sparks, or ignition sources. This is crucial in situations where heat could create potential risks, such as cutting pipes containing flammable or volatile substances. Cold cutting ensures safety, minimizes the chance of igniting the materials, and maintains the integrity of the material being cut.

Pipe beveling forms an angle on the edge or end of a pipe, preparing it for welding. A beveled edge helps achieve a full penetration weld, ensuring a stronger, more secure bond between the joined parts. It allows better control of the weld puddle and requires less filler material, improving the efficiency and quality of the welding process.

lange facing is the process of machining the sealing surfaces of flanges. These surfaces need to be smooth and free from defects to ensure a tight seal with the gasket and opposing flange. This process is required when flanges are new, worn, corroded, or damaged and helps maintain the efficiency and safety of the piping system.

Pump and compressor base milling involves machining the bases of pumps and compressors to ensure they are level and have a proper foundation. This process minimizes vibration and maintains efficient operation. Custom modifications and setups can be made for various sizes and configurations, accommodating specific project needs.

Heat exchanger machining, which may involve flange resurfacing or slot milling, is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of the heat exchanger. Surface irregularities can reduce efficiency and lead to leaks or other operational issues. Regular inspection and machining can prevent these problems and enhance the operational life of the unit.

Stud removal can involve a range of drilling applications, from large stud removal to magnetic-based smaller needs. This process is crucial when studs are damaged, corroded, or need to be replaced, ensuring the integrity and safety of the attached equipment.

Line boring is a method of machining designed to bore a hole through a series of points that are intended to be collinear. It’s often used in the repair and installation of large equipment, including gearboxes, engine blocks, and turbines. By ensuring precision alignment, line boring can significantly increase the lifespan and performance of such machinery.

Shaft repair involves the in-place machining of damaged or worn-out shafts, bringing the shaft back to its original specifications. Techniques such as welding and machining can be employed, and specialist equipment like split frame drive units can allow repair even in difficult access areas.

All equipment used by Innovator Industrial Services is owned and meticulously maintained by the company. Regular service, calibration, and maintenance checks are conducted to ensure that the machinery performs at its optimum capacity and safety standards are upheld.

These field machining services are critical in many industries, including oil and gas, mining, power generation, shipbuilding, and more. In these sectors, large equipment often cannot be moved to a traditional machine shop, making onsite or in-field services essential for maintenance, repair, and overall efficient operation.

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