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3 Ways We Reduce Cost For Clients

3 Ways We Reduce Cost For Clients

Reduce Cost for Clients.

At Innovator, we’re always doing our best to establish a partnership with our clients based on trust and situations that result in a win-win for both parties. As a result, we focus on ways we can reduce cost for our clients.

When you hire a contractor, of course you expect them to work hard for you on the job. But what if they were looking out for your best interests before they even began the work?

That’s where we come in. We put in extensive research before every job — from small-scale repairs to complete turnarounds. Due to this, we ensure our clients are getting the services they need with efficiency and cost-effectiveness they don’t typically expect.

Three Ways Innovator Crews Reduce Cost For Clients:

  1. Customize every job. Before we ever begin work, we ask upfront questions to fully understand our clients’ needs and time frames. Then we tailor solutions to those needs.
    “What we normally do is evaluate the exact scope of work for the client and the schedule they have in place and determine our crew and equipment mix based on that,” Soper says. “We never take a cookie-cutter approach.”
  2. Provide unbeatable agility and experience. INNOVATOR clients rely on in-house technicians and talent instead of subcontractors. As Soper points out, all these technicians are cross-trained in a variety of specialty services. Because of this, INNOVATOR crews can deliver higher quality services with less human power than competitors.

    “A lot of competing contractors are one- or two-trick ponies. They can do one, two, maybe three things well,” he says. “But INNOVATOR has the experience, knowledge, and training to provide multiple service lines across multiple trades and skill sets from a single-source provider.”
  3. Meticulously plan jobs. We take the time to match the right people and equipment with every scheduled task. Therefore, we reduce excess human power and downtime.
    “More bodies doesn’t always mean faster because you need to look at all the other resources it takes to equip those bodies. You can overload a project and heavily reduce your efficiencies with the illusion that you’re going to increase the delivery time,” Soper says. “Instead, we strategize the best mix of people for the applicable scope of work based on the schedule to produce the best results for the client.”

Because we provide better planning and a wider service range, INNOVATOR professionals reduce cost for our clients. We also reduce risks, and make the most of our time frames.

“We’re all looking out for the best interests of the owners,” Soper says. “I want to make sure they aren’t paying too much for a service they can get cheaper!”

Let INNOVATOR professionals handle your custom needs with expertise, cutting-edge technology, and creative solutions. Learn how: Contact us by email at info@innovatorind.com, by phone at [phone], or on our website.


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