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What Is Composite Pipe Repair?

Composite Pipe Repair

Composite Pipe Repair is a cost efficient, on-stream pipe repair option.

Leaks are always happening in a facility. They can range from minor inconveniences to full-blown emergencies. When they do occur, facility managers understand that repairs are required as quickly as possible to restore service.

How they respond is critical to the operation. Choosing a repair option like composite pipe wraps can ensure they get the safest, most effective solution possible.


Why choose a composite pipe repair?

Composite Pipe Repair

There are two approaches most often used in pipe repair. First, there are instant leak repair kits involving water-activated materials. These provide temporary, low-end fixes. Second, there are custom-made repairs in which repair specialists look at the specific pipe defects before implementing a proper solution.

Both of these methods have their benefits, but there’s also a third option.

On-stream leak repair using composite solutions offers facility leaders an efficient and cost-effective solution. It combines the benefits of both easy-to-use instant kits and custom-made fixes.

In on-stream leak repair, crews install high-strength, corrosion-resistant sleeves that are made for a wide variety of applications. And safety authority pre-approval expedites these repairs.

There is a lot to be gained when compared to the typical technician inspection process.

This typical process involves engineer approval, manufacturing, and installation of custom-engineered solutions. However, this is time consuming and costly. The composite pipe repair alternative allows for a wide range of product repairs with quick implementation. But, facility managers still need to find the right composite leak repair provider.


Finding a provider that’s right for you 

Generally, potential composite pipe repair issues fall into three categories. These are poor surface preparation, incorrect material selection, and installer inexperience.

Now, facility leaders are responsible for both operational safety and efficiency, and they always strive to ensure every repair is successful. This requires finding a repair provider who sends well-trained crews to their sites.

With the proper training, composite pipe repair experts also help facility managers avoid failures due to improper material use and lack of proper surface prep.

In fact, crews familiar with their materials and procedures also help facility managers avoid future issues. Crews will use the right data to determine a leak’s size and severity. And they also verify they’ve achieved a proper National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) profile before applying composite wraps. This due diligence ensures long-lasting repairs.


Partner with a single-source provider

To ensure a high quality and efficient repair, you’ll want to partner with a single-source provider with flexible, cross-trained crews. Innovator has proven methods like total flange management, turnkey hot tapping services, and testing and isolation solutions. We can eliminate the environmental, production, and safety concerns leaks can cause. And, as repair needs can change quickly, retaining a crew with extensive product knowledge allows for flexibility in any fix.

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