Forge Bonding

Make Your Critical Repairs With An Alternative To Hot Work

Forge Bonding is a metal-joining process that produces high quality joints with super fast rotation.

It uses high pressures to combine the two metals, and the resulting bond is stronger than either of the two metals before being bonded.

No sparks, no high temperatures, and no hot work.

This means you can make repairs to your tanks without shutting them down. As a result, you can make repairs outside of your scheduled turnaround and not lose an ounce of production.

You can also perform critical safety repairs outside of a turnaround that often get pushed to the side as you hustle to get things back up and running.

Seven Benefits Of Forge Bonding:

  • No Ignition Source
  • No Emissions
  • Work Performed In-Service
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Produces a Permanent Bond
  • 100% Portable
  • Automically Performed by a Machine

Forge Bonding results in decreased costs and increased productivity (no process interruption).

Forge Bonding works great in hazardous environments for in-service equipment at refineries, petrochemical process plants, storage facilities and industrial work sites.

This technology is third-party tested, meets ASME standards and delivers the same mechanical integrity as traditional hot welding.

Also, tank liners are left in tact because of the very minimum amount of heat generated, so you won’t be creating more problems that you have to fix later.

5 Common Forge Bonding Applications Include:

  • Tank Wall Repairs(Most Useful)
  • Retrofits
  • Handrails
  • Electrical Attachments
  • Installations

Not sure if Forge Bonding is right for you? Head to the link below to learn even more so that you’re better equipped to make the right decision.

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