Free Book: Optimize your next turnaround and save 50% in labour costs while achieving ZERO injuries.

Podcast: Discover new technologies and processes that drive cost efficiency with host, Don Cooper.

Industrial Leak Repair: 4 Facts You Didn't Know (#2 shares how it started with the steam engine)

Reducing Hot Work: How Forge Bonding, a hot work alternative, could have saved 60 lives.

Webinars: Discover new technology and safer, more cost-effective processes that save you time

Core Value #1 - Family First: Here's our take on what a work family looks like and how it impacts culture.

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Leak Repairs

Leaks are an ongoing and endless concern for operating plants. Get yours repaired safely.

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Freeze Plugs

Isolate a line containing freezable medium without hot work to improve safety and save time.

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Weldless Connections

Replace your next flange in as little as 15 minutes to maintain virtually uninterrupted service.

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Forge Bonding

Repair above ground storage tanks without hot work using a “Welding with air” technology.

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Work at Innovator Industrial

It’s an exciting time here at Innovator! We have numerous contracts in play and even more opportunities being identified each day. The amount of industry activity is incredible for the next several years to come. All this growth creates fantastic opportunities for the right people who join our team.

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