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Hot Taps and Line Stops: A Turnkey Solution

Line Stops

Having a turnkey solution for line stops, or single point of contact for an entire construction or repair project helps you to reduce frustrations and streamline the entire process.

Many facility managers are used to working with multiple suppliers, contractors, and companies to complete pieces of their projects. But. this lengthens completion process timelines, increases safety risks, and adds to the complexity of the work. Hot taps and line stops are no different.


Hot Taps and Line Stops

Hot tapping is the process of safely tying into any pressurized system — while in full operation — to avoid production pauses and full shutdowns. Hot taps make line stops, introducing pipe shutoffs where they do not traditionally exist, possible.

Technicians perform work on live systems by installing custom-made split-tee or nozzle fittings in the lines. Then, they use pressure-contained hot tap drills to tie in new piping. Together, hot taps and line stops are a common practice in regular plant operations, unit expansions, and new construction tie-ins.


From Tough to Turnkey Solution

Despite how common they are, performing hot taps and line stops has traditionally been a disjointed process. Facility managers would look to one supplier for the fittings. Then select another contractor to install and weld the hot tap. And finally, hire a hot tap drilling company to complete the actual tie-in.

This fragmented method leaves operators working with as many as three crews to complete their projects. And with more participants comes longer tie-ins, communication becomes challenging, and additional safety concerns arise.

At Innovator, we understand how frustrating this system is which is why we set out to provide a one-stop turnkey solution.

Today we design and fabricate hot tap fittings, provide field installation and welding, and perform hot tap tie-ins and line stops. No matter your facility’s needs, we provide a complete solution! As your partner in a building a safe, leak-free workplace, our cross-trained and experienced technicians offer a turnkey, cost-effective solution.


In addition to these benefits, Innovator turnkey hot tap and line stop services also mean:

  • A single point of contact — Reduce the headache of working with multiple suppliers, contractors, and installers on your next project by working with one single partner.
  • Greatly reduced wait time — With hot taps and line stops, technicians must often complete registrations, receive approvals, and meet regulations before work begins. For this reason, Innovator works hard to provide pre-approved solutions that reduce approval process wait time.
  • Experienced and certified technicians — Cross-trained Innovator techs are fully certified and have the experience to handle all your piping installation and maintenance needs.
  • Safety — Finally, our main goal is to provide safe and effective services. We do this through a process of pre-planning and pre-registering hot tap and line stop components to the fullest extent. This helps reduce risks, hassle, time, and costs for our customers. With our expert technicians on the job to perform your repairs, you can rest assured they will complete your projects safely and correctly.



At Innovator, our turnkey solutions extend far beyond hot taps and line stops.

We work hard to offer full-scope custom solutions to customers every day. As a result, we offer online inspection services and provide reliable, effective repair advice to our customers. We also provide everything from custom fabrication to innovative and cost-effective shutdown and turnaround services.

Let us be your single-source service provider.

As you begin to plan for your next hot tap or line stop, contact the experts at Innovator. We’re your single partner in safe and cost-effective turnkey hot tap and line stop solutions. Looking for more information? You can reach us by email at info@InnovatorInd.com or by phone at 1-855-436-4666 to learn more about how we can work together to keep your operation up and running — and your bottom line strong.


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