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Taking Hot Taps from Time Sink to Turnkey

If you find yourself in a situation where an alteration is required in the form of a hot tap or line stop, then you have most likely exhausted all other possibilities. In these situations, scheduling accuracy is critical; however, the two-step regulatory approval process can have you putting off the job for months. With pre-approved full encirclement fittings from Innovator Industrial Services, you’ll be up and running in half the time.

Good reason for regulation
As with any repair or alternation scenario, it’s important to use registered and tested engineered fittings. Not only does this ensure a long-lasting solution, but it’s also essential for safety. This is especially true in hot-tap and line-stop situations, where work is performed on live lines that may be carrying high-pressure steam, flammable process, or caustic chemicals.

All fittings must follow strict design and installation procedures. “These fittings are designed and manufactured in accordance with the piping code of construction by companies who have an approved quality manual registered with the local jurisdictional authority,” explains Chris Coombs, Quality Manager at IIS. “Once a fitting is installed, the fitting along with the Hot Tap equipment is leak tested to ensure 100% containment before any work is performed. This step creates a safe working environment for technicians.

Due to the nature of Hot Tapping (cutting into a live pressurized system), the activity is closely regulated and repair organizations along with owners must follow a two-tiered registration process.

“Not only do we have to register the fitting, the Repair Organization is also required to register the alteration procedure specific to each Hot Tap activity,” Coombs says. “This part can’t be registered in advance because it’s specific to the location and the piping system. It includes a Hot Tap procedure, a registered Welding Procedure, Safety and Environmental assessment and even the justification for performing the alteration.

Cutting your wait time in half
While these regulations help ensure safety and longevity, waiting for approval can be both costly and frustrating. As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce customer wait times, Innovator has focused on getting pre-approval for catalogs of its engineered leak-repair solutions. Now, Innovator is proud to announce the recent approval of its extensive catalog of hot-tap and line-stop fittings.

“Our full encirclement reinforcing saddle catalog starts at 2”x2” and goes all the way up to 16”x16,” inclusive of all branch sizes in the middle,” Coombs says. We have also developed a full encirclement split tee fitting catalogue to cover 4”x4” to 24”x24” to support our Hot Tap and line stop activities in other jurisdictions.

A great feature of our catalogues is that we can go from a custom completion flange and plug assembly to a standard ASME Flange on all of our fittings, reducing our overall inventory and turnaround time.

The fittings are evaluated using the most current methods engineering practices. Designs are pre-approved and all of the fittings are in stock, fully tested, and ready to use.

Best of all, the catalog designs meet registration requirements in Ontario and Alberta, so Innovator can meet your urgent needs regardless of where you’re located.

A turnkey solution
Our service goes beyond fittings, though. The fully trained and experienced technicians at Innovator carry out installations safely and efficiently so you can get your repair completed faster and more economically.

“Innovator’s overall goal is to offer a turnkey solution,” Coombs says. “The first part of that is fitting design, which we’ve done in-house.

“The second part is installation, where the fitting itself is welded to the pipe. This requires a different welding technique referred to as temper bead. Because the system is live, there’s fluid running through the line which rapidly cools the weld and heat-affected zone. This cooling effect creates a hardened microstructure which can lead to cracking. It’s not something that a lot of companies can do,” Coombs says. We’ve already registered our normal service P1 procedure and are continuously working on expanding our capabilities.

Innovator has already done the heavy lifting, pre-planning and pre-registering hot-taps and line-stops to the fullest possible extent to reduce hassle, time, and cost on your end. With our expert technicians on the job to perform the repair, you can rest assured your job is done right.

If you find yourself in need of a hot tap or line stop, we hope you’ll lean on the speed and expertise of IIS. Get in touch to learn more about what Innovator’s catalog of pre-approved engineered hot tap and line stop fittings can do for you. Contact us by email at, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or on our website.

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