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Why Pre-Registered Fittings Always Pay Off

Hot Taps

Maximizing Benefits: The Value of Pre-Registered Fittings

Innovator Industrial Services’ pre-registered fittings hot-tap and line-stop solutions can really save the day — especially for customers who need a safe fix fast.

Recently, a customer came to Innovator in need of a live line isolation to replace a passing valve. The solution: performing a hot tap and line stop. Due to the urgent nature of the repair, Innovator had two weeks to complete this turnkey service which can potentially take up to four to six weeks. The steps leading up to executing for this type of service include fitting design, registration with the local jurisdiction, fitting manufacture, and piping alteration approval. Completing all these steps within a two-week timeline may seem impossible to many suppliers.

However, thanks to Innovator’s vast catalogue of preregistered engineered solutions, we received approval for the site-specific repair in less than 24 hours!

“We’re not going to get a one-day turnaround every time we submit a job,” Quality Coordinator  Chris Davis says, “but we set up our preapproved fittings to execute faster than other contractors, and this job is an example of just that.”


Pre-Registered Fittings: Hot tap
Hot tapping, also known as pressure tapping, is a method of connecting (either by drilling or cutting) to a pressurised system, such as a pipeline or pressure vessel, without removing the pipe or tank from service.

Why approval is necessary

By its very nature, hot-tapping a live line is dangerous, but it’s also necessary for stopping leaks and repairing equipment while avoiding the astronomical costs of a shutdown.

Due to the risks involved, these repairs are highly regulated by Canadian agencies. Each jurisdiction wants to ensure there’s an appropriately designed fix and a safe plan for installation, so approving a hot-tap piping alteration can take time.

Despite the validity of these reasons, it’s still frustrating and costly for companies waiting for approval.

That’s why Innovator’s preregistered fitting program, announced earlier this year, is so valuable. We developed extensive catalogues in two categories: a full-encirclement reinforcing saddle catalogue, starting at NPS 3 by 3 and going all the way up to NPS 16 by 16, inclusive of all branch sizes; and a full-encirclement split-tee fitting catalogue, covering NPS 4 by 4 to NPS 24 by 24, to support our hot-tap and line-stop activities.

“Jurisdictions have different requirements for different styles of fittings,” Davis explains. “Our goal is to have a preregistered fitting in every jurisdiction to support our customers across Canada.”


24-hour turnaround: Rare, but not impossible

Innovator can’t promise a 24-hour turnaround on every job, since local jurisdictions must approve each one on a case-by-case basis, but our preapproved solutions certainly help speed up the process.

“We did a lot of work ahead of time to obtain a speedy approval for this customer,” Davis says. “Even with our preregistered solutions, we take an in-depth look at every scenario and anticipate questions from the jurisdictions for specific applications. We provide justification, detailed Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), and job hazard assessment to address any safety concerns.”

Even though the final job approval must be factored in, having engineered hot-tap and line-stop solutions approved and on the shelf dramatically reduces wait times and costs for all of Innovator’s customers.

“The fact that we offer customers a full turnkey solution faster than other suppliers provides real savings,” Davis says.

Innovator Industrial Services can bring expertise, cutting-edge technology, and creative solutions to your company. Learn how — contact us by email at info@innovatorind.com, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or on our website.


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