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STARS: Lifesaving Air Ambulance Service Making a Difference

When you dial (Stars) 911, there’s no time to stop and think about where help is coming from. However coordinating emergency responses takes the dedication of multiple agencies across Canada. In remote areas where ground transport may not be fast enough, the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) air ambulances make the difference between life and death.

Innovator Industrial Services found out about this crucial organization firsthand from one of our customers, whose life was placed in jeopardy following a horrific wreck.

“One of our most supportive customers had a very serious motorcycle accident, and the STARS air ambulance service saved his life,” Innovator President Don Cooper says. “If it wasn’t for that service — if he had to wait to be transported to a trauma center via ambulance — there was no way he would’ve lived.”


STARS Crew walking away from helicopter


Although it was a long road to recovery, Cooper’s friend and associate is on that road thanks to STARS. Without their quick response and infallible service, that may not have been the case.

STARS is a charitable, not-for-profit organization serving numerous communities across western Canada. The service they provide literally saves lives, and our region would be debilitated without it.

“It’s an independent organization, and while it does get funding from a lot of different sources, it’s primarily funded by the public through donations,” Cooper explains.



Innovator’s sponsorship

Of course, Innovator supports a variety of programs, but every single one of these sports teams, sponsorships, and charities share one common thread: “There’s some personal connection these organizations have with our company, our employees or their families, or our customers,” Cooper says. “That’s always the foundation of our participation.”

So, when Cooper’s client approached him about supporting STARS — an organization that makes a huge impact on the community and saved his life — Cooper and Innovator’s leadership jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

“I agreed to be a senior sponsor for this year, getting a foreman’s table at their gala and making a donation, all to help our friend and customer raise money to say, ‘thank you,’” Cooper says. “It’s our way of getting involved with a worthwhile cause that has directly impacted a very close customer and me.”

Eight Innovator employees had a wonderful time representing the company and attending the STARS formal gala, which included a charity auction and dinner.

Innovator is proud to support STARS, along with all of our other charity sponsorships. Organizations like this make our community a great place to live and work!


Innovator Industrial Services is proud to invest in our customers and our communities. Contact us by email at info@innovatorind.com, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or on our website.


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