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Innovator Online Inspection and Repair


Online Inspection and Repair services are becoming more and more valuable for facility owners. And at Innovator, we understand why.

“Everyone is trying to run their plants harder for longer periods of time and still provide high levels of safety and quality,” explained Innovator’s Zack Cooper-Black. “Because of that, a lot of people are turning to online services as opposed to having to shut down units within the plant to perform the necessary critical work.”


We want to help you eliminate risks before they have chances to cause problems or interrupt operations. Innovator offers customers an unbeatable combination of online inspection and repair services.

“With Innovator, we give clients the chance to repair and inspect safely, quickly, and cost-effectively,” Cooper-Black said. “We’re probably one of the only companies that provides both inspection and repair under one roof.”


Extensive, Proactive Online Inspection and Repair Services

That’s not the only thing that sets Innovator apart. While most vendors require clients to come to them with problems and ask for specific solutions, that’s not the case at Innovator. Innovator reaches out to clients with proactive, customized solutions.

“A lot of the times, our clients have an issue but they don’t know what all of their options are to fix that problem,” Cooper-Black said. “We’ll actually combine our services to give customers the best solutions and support possible.”


To help our customers take full advantage of this “one-stop-shop” experience, we offer a variety of online services:

  • Engineered Composite Pipe Repair
  • Online Leak Repairs
  • Enclosure (Category “H”) Fittings
  • Pipe Crimps
  • Freeze Plugs
  • Turnkey Hot Taps and Line Stops
  • Weldless Flanges & Piping Systems
  • Cold Grinding Solutions
  • Tank Repairs with Cold Work Forge Bonding

Innovator performs all these services in-house and tailors them to each client’s application or concern.

Cooper-Black pointed out that it’s this multitude of service offerings — combined with expertise to back it up — that sets Innovator apart.

“We don’t leave it to one person or one department to come up with these solutions,” he said. “We look at our technicians and what they’ve seen in the field. We talk to engineering to understand the technical benefits and weaknesses with every technology and process. And we also consult with service-line experts to find out what they know and have researched within their service industries. Then we pull all of that together to be able to provide the best solutions.”

Because of this in-depth knowledge and online services, Innovator customers are running longer, working harder, staying safer, and spending less on repairs. It’s a win-win!

Capable, cross-trained Innovator crews can bring diverse expertise and creative solutions to you and your company. Learn how: Contact us by email at Info@InnovatorInd.com, by phone at [phone], or on our website.


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