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Use AI To Optimize Your Facility

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AI’s Role: The Digital Twin Advantage

Imagine for a moment that you could make a digital replica of your entire facility.

Then imagine you could use that replica to run simulations that give you an intricate look into every aspect of your operations, from planning and scheduling to distribution and optimization.

Turns out it’s possible, and it’s called a Digital Twin.

According to Reliableplant, Digital Twins are an incredibly valuable asset that will let any facility manager make sound decisions based on data obtained from these digital replicas at a greater efficiency than humans. All while eliminating safety risks.

The article reads, “The digital twin creates virtual copies of physical locations, plant processes, business processes as well as assets, and, paired with AI, enables plant operators to find value within plant data that they can then leverage to drive improvement across various operations.”

The digital twin provides you insight into any potential problems you might have never otherwise known existed.

The article continues, “For plant operations, beyond increasing uptime, the benefit of the digital twin is most felt in the scheduling, design, and planning phases of the plant and plant processes.”

This technology can predict impending asset failure weeks in advance, exploding your ability to reduce any plant downtime.

This also gives you the ability to reduce emissions as you learn where you have any potentially ineffective processes and how you can achieve the same or greater output while improving efficiency in your production.

And obviously, this is good for the bottom line as well.


Infinite Innovation

In terms of innovation, a digital twin may be exactly what industrial process plants are looking for. It can help you optimize every aspect of your facility, and as also mentioned in the article, can even train plant operators virtually!

Any high-risk scenarios that can’t be simulated effectively can be accomplished with a digital twin, exponentially increasing safety preparation in the event of an emergency(although the use of a digital twin will make the scenario even less likely).

Plus, workers will get to move away from some of the more menial tasks due to the digital twin providing the necessary information, giving workers the ability to perform higher-value work.

The digital twin replicates your facility, provides an infinite amount of insight into your operations so that you can minimize downtime, and greatly reduces a ton of safety risk by reducing worker interaction with potentially unsafe areas and equipment.

Be sure to give the full article a read for all the details!


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