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What Is An Entrepreneurial Company?

What Is An Entrepreneurial Company

The Essence of an Entrepreneurial Company

In the Strategic Coach book “The Team Success Handbook“, Shannon Waller explains the difference between an entrepreneurial company and other types of companies.

You may work at another type of organization and have a frame of reference of how to work, think and have based on that type of organization.

Working within an entrepreneurial business is different from other types of companies. It won’t ever become corporate, so it’s not for everyone.

We solve problems for a profit – all of us in the entrepreneurial company.

Something I’ve learned in business is this: When building and growing a successful business, it doesn’t get easier…

But what does change is YOUR tolerance level.

Every day there is a treadmill of problems. Some days you will be really bothered by it, while other days you will handle it with grace.

In an entrepreneurial business, every role in the company is created to deal with problems and solve them so the entrepreneur can be freed up to focus on their unique ability.

Over time, that same process needs to flow wide and down so that everyone’s unique ability is identified and focused on.

Identify and solve problems. Don’t push them up. Solve. Discuss, yes – but solve.

 Your ability to psychologically interact with all of the problem/solve occurrences that make up a day…is what makes the difference.


More Problems, More Money

Business is solving problems for a profit. If you don’t solve problems, you are not creating value and if you are solving problems but you can’t do it profitably, then it’s not business – it’s a charity and there is a different place for that.

If there were no problems in the world, there would be no businesses. If there were no problems inside the business there would be no need for each role whose accountability chart clearly shows who owns the solve.

People have this fantasy that they will someday have a company where nothing is messed up.

Here’s the reality: There’s ALWAYS going to be messes.

If you can’t handle confusion…

If you can’t deal with playing broken…

If you can’t make decisions with limited information…

…then you probably don’t have the psychological makeup to be inside an Entrepreneur business and you should probably be working in a different type of organization.

BUT – if you can spot problems and solve them by “Finding A Way”, then an entrepreneurial organization might be for you.

At Innovator, every challenge is accepted not with NO, but with HOW, and then we find a way. RESULTS MATTER and WE OWN IT.






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