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Core Value #2 – Results Matter

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Sometimes getting results matter for the company or a client takes one hour. And sometimes it takes ten.
At Innovator, it’s not about hours worked or effort exerted. It’s about results achieved. And we deliver results for our customers and for the company.
This means we are always thinking about the outcomes that are going to have the greatest impact for our customers and the company’s performance.
We don’t clock out at 4. We stay until the job is done. And if the result is achieved, we can also finish early.
There are no excuses here. If something isn’t working the way we want it to, we put in the time to find a way and get results.
Sometimes that means there are hoops to jump through. We might have to ask some more questions to get the answers we need.
But I never want to hear how much effort was put it in or how many hours was put towards a task. It’s either done or it’s not.


Personal Responsibility

Getting results empowers employees. Figuring out how to get the task done yourself without excuses is the entrepreneurial attitude I want from all employees at Innovator.


Results Matter


And it’s the attitude we all hold when dealing with customers.
Customers don’t care how much time and effort we put it into solving their problem if it isn’t done.
They’re not going to pay us for all the work put in if their problem still exists. And they shouldn’t.
Results matter is a work ethic that increases confidence in employees and our customers.
It doesn’t mean we’re not here to help, but if help is needed, the employee will come to the table with possible solutions already thought about and considered that we can add to.
Or it could be that with those presented solutions and the extra set or two of eyes, a better method is found. But they won’t come to the table without investing the right amount of effort to solve it alone first.
Deep pride is developed from achieving the outcomes, and the people that exude our Core Value of Results Matter are the kind of people that make up the Innovator Family.
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