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Core Value #1 – Family First


I want to spend a few words in this post talking about Innovator and our internal culture.

Understanding a company’s culture is a good way to determine if we’re a good fit to work together, so providing you this type of insight brings clarity into who we are if or when you choose to work with us.

In this post I’ll be sharing on Core Value #1 – Family First, and I will be doing more of these types of posts in the near future.

When I started this business, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create a safe place for my employees.

I wanted to create a place where we could attract the best people, and that those people would stay with Innovator for a long career.

They would look after the company and our clients, and we would look after them.

I wanted a place where we would all feel unconditionally protected so that when something goes wrong, there is one place that for sure, people will have your back.

I believe that there is no separation between personal life and work life – there is only balance.

What’s the point of work if when something goes wrong at home, work isn’t there to have your back?

There is trust and faith in the coworkers and company to have our backs in any situation.

We know we can always rely on each other during times of struggle to support each other.

It’s our core founding value.

But family first is not about being everyone’s pal. It’s not about always hanging out and playing pool or going to each other’s place for barbecues.

It’s more than that.

It’s about understanding that we have compassion and that we’re going to look after and care for people, and they will care for us.

Not because we’re friends, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Much like our own families, we don’t always see them or hang out with them, but they’re always family. And if something goes wrong with family, you’re there to step in and help.

Whether it’s sickness, death of a family member, or even someone struggling with addiction, we’re here to help.

People who operate from a “It’s just business” attitude do not work well here.

It’s not an entitlement or guarantee of a job or hours, but it’s also not about business.

People who say “I don’t want to not seem unempathetic”, “It’s not personal, I’m just all about business” or “I don’t care about your personal family life, just do the work” likely don’t fit with this value or fit into our Innovator Family.

I wanted to create a family that supports each other and looks after each other in times of need.

Work is really just like having a second family, and that’s the mindset each and everyone of us carries at Innovator.

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