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The Pay Once Promise

A Leaking Flange that Innovator Could Fix with our Leak Repair Pay Once Promise

Innovator offers the Pay Once Promise for leak repairs, guaranteeing that if the repair fails, they will fix it again for free, prioritizing long-term partnership over revenue.

A Real Guarantee On Leak Repair

safety valve

Innovator’s Pay Once Promise offers a real guarantee on leak repairs by providing free reinjections if the repair fails, ensuring peace of mind and a leak-free workplace.

Speed Up An Alberta Leak Repair Approval!

leaking pipe

Innovator’s Weldless Connections offer safe and cost-effective pipe-to-flange fixes, providing a strong alternative to traditional welding with no heat or sparks involved.

Obtaining Approval – Ontario Leak Repair

Obtaining Approval - Ontario Leak Repair

Learn about the approval process for leak repair in Ontario, including the roles of regulatory authorities like TSSA and the expedited review process for engineered enclosures.

Story: Injection Of A Valve Bonnet


Innovator prioritizes safety and shares a story about a valve bonnet incident, emphasizing proactive measures for leak repair to ensure employee and site safety.

The Hidden Costs of Compressed Air/Gas Leaks

Compressed Air Gas Leaks

Compressed air/gas leaks have hidden costs for companies, affecting energy efficiency, process control, safety, and the environment. Regular leak audits and repairs are essential for cost savings and sustainability.

Why Do Steam Traps Fail?

steam traps

Steam traps fail due to dirt, pressure surges, and improper sizing. Failed traps waste energy, affect production, increase costs, and pose safety risks. Regular maintenance and ultrasound testing are recommended to minimize problems and reduce energy costs.

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