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Discover Your Unique Ability

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Uncover Your Unique Ability: Maximize Success

According to Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, most people are completely unaware that they have a Unique Ability. Dan learned how people operated best when they focused on their unique strengths.

In this post on Strategic Coach’s website, he shares the concept of Unique Ability and how leveraging it produces outstanding results because it comes so naturally.

High skill, intense passion, high energy, and constant improvement. You have at least one skill that satisfies these qualities and is your Unique Ability. Find it and flourish.


An Easy 110

At Innovator, Don uses this concept to help all of his employees find their best places in the company. He knows that when his team is using theirDiscover Your Unique Ability Unique Ability, the company is operating at its strongest.

Imagine an organization where everyone actually loves doing what they’re doing. Imagine a company where the employees aren’t sweating anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 4.

What difference would that make?

When it’s easy for you or your team to give 110% because they are using their natural strengths to their fullest, you are going to see maximum performance.

The friction is removed and the energy is high.

Give Dan’s article a read and learn from Dan Sullivan how to discover your strengths and use them to their fullest.




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