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Train Your Employees Properly

Train Your Employees Properly

Train Your Employees Properly: Setting the Path for Success

Train Your Employees Properly. Have you ever started a job and never gotten the training you needed to succeed?

Unfortunately, it happens more often than you would ever think it would or should. As soon as an employee starts with a company, he or she needs to know the exact training necessities. And they also need to know how long he or she has to complete all the requirements.

Come up with a training matrix for all employees who you’ll assign to the project before you start. This gives you an outline of what everyone will need to have before starting and what they’ll need once they get to the project.

The biggest part of the training process is your company orientation. It outlines your company safety beliefs and gives your employees the tools they’ll need to be successful.

There are three things you should have on top of a company orientation. Those are the field-level risk assessment (FLRA), behavior-based observation (BBO) program, and interactive hazard assessment training. Interactive training really helps new employees understand exactly what you’ll be looking for on their FLRAs. It also gets them involved and explains what they’ll see. This helps them know what they should do to ensure they mitigate hazards.


Team Training

Another aspect of your training program should be showing competency.

Employees should to go through an actual competency checklist before using equipment. They might show up to projects with their training tickets, but you need to ensure employees fully understand rigging standards and know how to use equipment like aerial work platforms, lift trucks, and company vehicles properly.

Your new employees should go through an in-house training program if they’re required to use hydraulic or torque equipment. Then, after a period, they should then go through the hydraulic and torque equipment competency checklist.

Training your employees does nothing but help your company through their on-the-job success. You need to ensure you’re giving new employees the proper tools to succeed — and training is a huge key. Employees need proper training to do a great job. And it’s your job to ensure you’ve trained them properly.

Training and competency are huge parts of any safety program, and your employees need to follow through — no matter how much experience someone says he or she has.

At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your employees’ training. Make sure they’re both trained properly and have gone through your competency checklist to help with everyone’s success.

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