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The 5 Pillars of Perfection for Grinding Tools

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It’s time for a little grind job.

Or maybe you have an ongoing need to grind old coating or rust off the pressurized pipes in your plant or facility.

That means you probably need a hot work permit – especially if you work in an explosive environment – and create a sterile area where any sparks you create will not cause an injury or issue.

Next, you spend hours planning what needs to be shut down for protective reasons, turn to your favorite old grinding tool, and do the ten- or fifteen-minute job.

But what if the job needs more time?

You had to stop work because the person handling the grinder needed a break because the vibrations from the grinder made their fingers or hands go numb.

So, the job has to start, stop, re-start, stop again… and on and on until it’s done.

Finally, you have the cleanup of all the dust particles that now cover your employee and all the surrounding area… that is, if you can capture all the dust that floats away to pollute the working environment for anyone who needs to work in the vicinity of that simple little grinding job.

Not so simple after all, right?

In a recent podcast (you can hear the whole show when you click here) Don Cooper of Innovator Industrial Services spoke with Tonny Berge and Kjetil Olsen of Allmet Safety Tools of Norway.

In their discussion, they outlined how Safety Tools, now available exclusively in Canada through Innovator, meet the 5 Pillars of Perfection for Grinding Tools.

Grinding a pipe using Innovator's grinding tools.
Learn more about No heat, No dust, Minimal vibration, Long Life and grinding tools of Innovator

No heat. No dust. Minimal vibration. Long Life.

Safety Tools meet these five pillars, and have for more than two decades.

Because of the special, patented metal composition of their grinding surfaces, these Safety Tools do not generate any heat, sparks or dust.

That means you can use them in every EX-environment without the headaches and hassle of hot work permits.

No need to set up a secure, sterile section of your plant or facility to protect against explosion.

And because there is no dust created, clean-up is simple and quick.

Also, because Safety Tools operate at a specific low vibration rate, there is almost zero “numb fingers and hands” potential. As a matter of fact, one Safety Tool user reports they use their grinder every day, 12-hours a day. And they have for six years!

Which brings us to the next Pillar of Perfection: Long Life.

You can expect a minimum of 100 times longer life with Safety Tools. Imagine how that reflects on the bottom line and improved the ROI when it comes to investment on tool costs!

Finally, there is the question of testing and accreditation.

Safety Tools have a 25 years history of delivering quality tools to the gas and oil industry, plus such diverse businesses as farms, mines, windmill power suppliers and even nuclear plants.

During that time, they put their grinding tools through a comprehensive set of independent testing by some of the most respected agencies in Europe and North America.

Simply put; Safety Tools have the credentials to prove what they say.

Innovator offers a wide range of Safety Tools for every grinding or cutting job you can imagine.

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