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Grinding Tool Delivers 9,000X Effective Life

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When management asks an employee to perform a simple pipe grinding job, the last thing they want to hear is, “But that grinding tool doesn’t work any more!” 

There is an ROI (return-on-investment) with every individual piece of equipment purchased. The easiest way to determine that ROI in the pressurized pipe industry is through longevity: how long does that piece of equipment perform at optimum levels? 

And when that old grinding tool you used for the past few months simply poops out, there is the unseen cost of sourcing a new one, plus the lost opportunity costs of waiting around for that new tool to get the job done. 

Today, there is a simple answer: a grinding tool that delivers 9,000 times longer efficiency.  

Here’s an example from a real-world situation – that demonstrates the length of service of this tool. 

An Asian-based factory needed a Rough Boy grinder for on-going Tank Roof repairs. The tool they used delivered on a 12-hour shift, seven days a week, for six years. SIX YEARS! 

So, what is this amazing tool you probably never heard of? 

Recently, Don Cooper of Innovator Industrial Services of Edmonton, AB spoke with Tonny Berge and Kjetil Olsen from Allmet Safety Tools of Norway. (Click here to hear or read the full podcast.) 

Among the wide range of topics covered, the Norwegians revealed that their grinding tool, which has an effective, tested, and approved, history of more than two decades, is delivering astounding results to the pressurized pipe industry. 

Granted, not every user finds this tool delivers a lifespan 9,000 times longer than traditional grinders, but almost every company that uses these Safety Tools reports lifespans exceeding 100 times longer than other similar grinding tools. 

No Heat. No Dust. No Risk. Grinding Tool Delivers 9,000X Effective Life 1

In addition to exceptionally long-life performance, grinding (and cutting tools) from Allmet are produce no heat and no dust, and that reduces the explosive risk of every grinding job. 

As you are readily aware, traditional abrasion grinding, from rust and corrosion removal to removal of nuts and bolts, generates heat and sparks. 

And in an EX-environment, that’s not a good thing. 

So, what is the answer for the gas and oil industry, not to mention mining sites, nuclear power plants, wind turbines, and even farms (where grain dust is an every-present danger)? 

It’s the grinding tool that generates no heat and no dust. 

Using patented materials and technology, Allmet developed a series of grinding tools that deliver no heat / no dust results in a wide variety of job sites. 

In addition to extensive internal testing on their tools, Allmet took their grinders to some of the most respected testing agencies around the world. The results? They passed with flying colours! 

More Information Now Available 

Innovator is now the exclusive provider of Allmet Safety Tools in Canada.  

The combination of Allmet’s multi-decades long history of building excellent grinding (and cutting) tools with Innovator’s 10-year resume filled with satisfied customers makes this an easy choice for any business on the look-out for a tool that lasts longer than all the competition and does the job without heat, dusk or the inherent risk usually found in this type of work. 

To discover more, simply click here and set up a chat with Innovator. 

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