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Safety Is A Team Sport

Safety Is A Team Sport

How would you feel playing a high-stakes game without knowing the score, the time left, or even the rules to win? Now, imagine that game is your job, and the stakes are life and death. In the world of business, “Safety Is A Team Sport.” Curious about how the Safety Score Card at Innovator is making sure everyone plays to win?

Imagine you are on a team playing hockey and there is no scoreboard and no clock.

While the coach on the bench may be timing the periods and keeping score, no one on the ice who is working their butt off would know for sure where they and the rest of the playing team stood.

The team wouldn’t know how to win. In business, if we don’t know how to win, then we lose.

And when it comes to safety, losing can mean the unfortunate loss of life.

A Winning Game

At Innovator, the Safety Score Card is used so that the players know if they’re playing a winning game.

At the start of the week or start of the day, employees take 5 minutes and build their safety scorecard in the field.

Sticking to the hockey analogy, the coordinator or manager coaches employees how to build one. But employees are on the ice – they need to use it.

Once the scorecard is built in advance of the period (shift, day or week) the numbers are shared with all the team on the ice. Every player needs to know how many goals it will take to win.

They can then know how many behavior based observations, risk assessments, inspections, impact cards, toolbox meetings, focus audits, safety meetings and management safety tours are needed in the period to win.

Just like Hockey, different players may have different roles for the team to win.

They agree who will do what and work together to win the game.

Like any team sport, the team spots who is not skating hard and addresses it as a team. The entire team will lose if one player decides not to do their part.

The score card tells employees what they need to do to meet or exceed safety expectations. It also tells them the level that does not meet proven safety participation.

Each day they complete the daily score card report their final game score, or for a weekly score card – they keep track of your progress so they stay on course to win.

At the end of the period the score is completed, and they now have data to keep themselves safe and to inform the client.

Maximized Safety: Safety Is A Team Sport

Having a daily report gives clients consistent data on where the team stands with safety.

Many clients report Innovator as best in class because of this data that is provided to keep the them informed.

It’s how we can stand out and wow customers. We can complete a score card every 24 hours and share the results with them.

It’s easy to do and blows their mind. When we have done this on projects, the clients stated we were best in class.

They said not even the biggest and best large contractors had anything like it.

Daily safety data provides a score for the team to aim for. It’s a giant win-win that keeps the client informed and the workers safe.

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