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Reduce Resource Usage With A Turnkey Tie-In

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Innovator Turnkey Tie-In


Sometimes you need a turnkey contractor for just one, isolated job.

But for bigger projects, like shutdowns and expansions, bringing in separate contractors can create significant waste. These projects are when everything is tight: time, budgets, and resources. Eliminating waste wherever you can makes your job go smoother.


Pipe tie-ins are a great example of projects in which a business may unintentionally waste resources.

The way things are usually done is having several specialty subcontractors under a general contractor to provide the various services for a tie-in.

You’ve got someone doing the welding. Someone doing the plugging and tapping. Another doing the bolting. Another is doing line freezing(if required). And yet another is doing the testing.

This approach does work. The execution is successful. But you’re looking at a large amount of indirect costs. You’ll need more infrastructure to support permitting and communication points. And because you have more workers on site, you have more safety risk exposure.


You Can Save Those Resources

There doesn’t have to be that much waste. The best way to start reducing these extra unnecessary resources is to use a contractor with a cross-trained crew.
If half the technicians can get the job done because they can execute all the steps necessary, you’re going to save on resources.

Think of cross-trained crews like a tightly knit SEAL team of 50 versus a random 100 foot-soldiers (subcontractors)…
The communication is better. The work gets done more efficiently. And everyone is safer.

If you use this approach, you’ll get a turnkey tie-in service with few indirect costs.
There’s much less non-productive time, meaning techs aren’t just sitting around waiting for others to finish their tasks. There’s less orientations, accommodations, and vehicles.

While financial gain and reducing strain on your infrastructure are certainly great benefits of taking a turnkey approach to tie-ins, the real value is in lessening the time and confusion between the start and finish of a job.

A reduced workforce means the risk of miscommunication between multiple supervisors is eliminated.

Also, a single contractor team signing on to its own permit eases the strain on permit-issuers and reduces the potential for misinterpretation by others.

And in this setup, workers stay actively engaged throughout the entire scope of the project, rather than having frequent interruptions for transferring work between contractors.

A turnkey approach is unique to the industry — and it’s guaranteed to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with your hot tapping and tie-ins.

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