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Line Freeze – Providing You Max Value

Line Freeze

With 15 service lines, we do call ourselves a single source provider.

But really, we can’t do it all.(Although 90% is pretty likely).

What we can do is provide value, which is more than just performing your job.

To us, value is measured by the improvements to your safety, productivity, and cost effectiveness.

It’s best when we can do something for you that checks off all three.

And a line freeze is a way that’s possible.

A line freeze is a great isolation option if you’re looking to avoid hot work and improve your schedule.

And because hot work is out of the equation, all the safety hazards that come with it are as well.

This is a maximum value service, you could say.


Whether it’s a line freeze or another service, we’re going to work with you as our partner.

We will understand the problem. Understand the need. And work with you to make sure you’re no less than impressed.

It’s all about collaboration.

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