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Save Time With Freeze Plugs



Want to avoid hot work and save 3 days of valuable time next time you have a repair to isolate?

A freeze plug could do the trick.

Fortunately, the planning to install one is quite simple.

There’s two main components that planning a successful freeze olugscomes down to:

Experience, and process.

If a freeze plugs isn’t going to work for you(which is easy to determine), then it won’t be used. It’s that simple.

But if it’s possible, a documented freezing procedure and experienced personnel will eliminate any risk to the job during the planning phase.

So, how does the freeze plugs work?

A double wall chamber, divided into two halves, is bolted onto the pipe.

Freeze plugs : Line freeze worked by Innovator.
Sample Line freeze worked by Innovator.

This double wall chamber ensures that all the nitrogen gas is captured and vented to a safe location, ensuring worker safety.

The freeze plugs itself relies on the adhesion of ice to steel, which produces two opposing forces.

You probably know that water expands when it freezes, so the liquid inside the pipe is going to expand against the inner pipe wall.
But that’s not all.

The pipe steel itself shrinks as the freezing is applied.

This causes two opposing forces, locking that freeze plug into position.

You get expanding liquid and contracting pipe, which prevents all moving and slipping of the plug.


This makes a freeze plugs a very safe, effective solution if you’re looking to save a few days of time and avoid hot work.

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