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TA Optimizer – Get Faster Turnarounds


No more hiring extra contractors, “just in case”.

Our Turnaround Optimizer Process has been developed to get your faster turnarounds done, with less crew, and with up to a 50% reduction in costs.

Regardless of whether you schedule shutdowns for one week or one month, every moment is valuable. Because of this, we will help you get all the necessary repairs and updates completed during the allotted turnaround time.

Sadly, managers have often paid for more contractors and unnecessary human power to make sure the job gets done.

“Some operators don’t like to put all their eggs in one basket,” explains Innovator Business Unit Leader for Western Canada Brent Soper. “They’ll hire two contractors who can do the same thing and split the work. That way, if one lets them down, they have a backup on-site.”

While this may help ensure contractors get the work done within their time frames, it doesn’t make shutdowns more efficient or cost-effective.

“It increases costs so much,” Soper says. “Direct man-hours, logistics costs, training, accommodations — all of these have a large effect.”

To overcome this common and costly problem for clients, we take a different approach.

Through extensive up-front planning, cross-trained Innovator crews use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a huge service range. As a result, your job is done safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Real-World Cost Reductions

You can see these impressive results in a Fort McMurray project in which Innovator crews completed the client’s work scope with half as many people and 20% under budget compared to the competing contractor.

“When we first came into that job, the client told us they wanted us and our competitor to bring in 62 technicians each,” Soper says. “Our competitor agreed, but our approach is to do what’s in the best interest of our clients.”

Soper knew he could surpass the client’s expectations.

“I felt that I could dramatically reduce the cost and footprint of this project,” he says. “By planning upfront, I was able to reduce the footprint of their requested manpower versus actual by about 50%.”

This reduction didn’t just help with costs but it also made repairs during a tight time frame run more efficiently.

“We executed the same scope of work as our competitor, and we had less downtime,” Soper says. “Every person at Innovator was effective and utilized — there was no downtime.”


Get Faster Turnarounds


The TA Optimizer Difference

A huge part of this project’s success was thanks to Innovator taking the time to plan ahead.

By selecting a handful of cross-trained in-house experts to complete the work, Soper and his team reduced the risks, time, and expenses that come along with extra human power. This made a measurable difference in the client’s bottom line.

While planning ahead isn’t something clients expect from most vendors, going above and beyond is what we like to think sets us apart.

“We want to gain trust and be a return contractor,” Soper says. “We want to be their vendor of choice.”

And this is just one small example of what the Turnaround Optimizer Process can do for you and your facility.

Get ahold of us to see how we can improve your TA in terms of costs, efficiency, and time. Contact us by email at info@innovatorind.com, by phone at 780-880-6615, or on our website.


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