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Ensuring An Injury-Free Shutdown

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Injury-Free Shutdown

Prioritizing Safety for a Successful and Injury-Free Shutdown

Anyone who has ever experienced a plant environment during a shutdown knows it can be a little hectic. Typically, there’s a long to-do list to accomplish in a very short amount of time that can lead to Injury-Free Shutdown. And with the added knowledge that the plant’s income stream is temporarily nonexistent, there is pressure to finish quickly.

It’s easy to see how this fast-and-furious pace can lead to shortcuts that create dangerous situations and serious safety infractions.

That’s why it’s critical to work with a contractor who takes safety seriously and who will do everything it takes to make sure your shutdown is efficient, successful, and injury-free Shutdown.


Round-the-clock Safety

Sometimes, the time restrictions of a job don’t allow us to perform any off-site training of our crew. It just isn’t possible.

This can occur when there are only two or three weeks to complete a full scope of work. There isn’t time to pull crew away from their work for training like formal classes, videos, and testing.

On the other hand, if a job we are working on is occurring over a long period of time, then there’s plenty of time for our usual safety training process.

Maximizing safety during a short time frame means that instead of off-site formal training, safety coaching and mentorship of our crews occurs all day long. Between the daily interaction of our crews with our managers, plus our Safety Scorecard, everyone understands their personal responsibility for safety. Each crew member is trained to do the right things to protect themselves and others.

Every shift receives spot checks, scorecard evaluations, and equal access to safety coaching. This support is vital to keeping up morale.

This daily support and interaction is what helps the crews manage being away from home for so long. It can certainly be hard on them, and that’s why we make sure they are supported.

And that someone cares about what they are doing.


Leading the pack

It’s not just the Innovator crew members who appreciate the constant on-site dedication and support, but our customers have definitely noticed as well.

In one instance for Suncor, the client went up to a few of the crew members and asked them what they thought of our safety Injury-Free Shutdown program.

Their response?


It’s the only one they know that actually works.

The client also mentioned that our Scorecard was one of the best they had ever seen. And that we were leading the pack on their site with our safety and proactive measures.

While we are thrilled with that feedback, what matters most is that this Suncor shutdown project was completed without a single safety incident.

It’s amazing what our crews can do when they know we’re all on the same team.

If you’re interested in bringing this level of safety awareness to your worksite for your next job, contact us below.



We have a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate(TRIR) for the last seven years!

Use the steps outlined above for yourself and make Injury-Free Shutdown recordable incidents a reality.

When you’re ready to speak with us, there are three easy options: Contact us at ask@innovatorind.com, by phone at 780-880-6615, or on our website.

INNOVATOR teams handle every Turnaround project with commitment and integrity. Contact us by email at ask@innovatorind.com, by phone at 780-880-6615, or on our contact page. We are happy to serve you.


Safety Is A Team Sport

Safety Is A Team Sport

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