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Core Value #4 – Always Growing

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“Always Growing” is the mindset of becoming 1% better every day by stepping outside your comfort zone so that you are improving who you are and the value you can provide, all without being pushed to do so.

This is the 4th Core Value at Innovator, but is a productive mindset for anyone to hold. And in this post, I’ll share why.


Always Growing


Holding this value means you are a person that is focused on improving, always learning, always growing, reaching, aspiring, striving and daring to get better in everything that you do as a person, in your role in your job, and the tasks that you perform.

It’s learning and focusing on “always better” (Semper Magis).

Always better means that everyday and every week you are seeking out ways to learn. Learning is a habit that does not need to be pushed, it needs to be sought out by everyone.

Take action to learn on your own without being pushed to read, to study, or to look to others to teach you.

Seek out opportunities to learn about the technologies that you need to understand, and the processes that your business operates under, so that you get better and can grow in the business.

When you are focused on always growing, you personally are reading listening and seeking out information so that you can get better.

Become better at your job today, the job you want tomorrow and the job you want in 5 years.


Not Just To Say You Did It

Always growing is not about collecting certifications, it’s about applying the learning that STARTED with a training opportunity, practicing it and then mastering it to elevate yourself and skills to high levels of capability.

Always Growing is not about attending training to check a box, it’s seeking to learn, applying, mastering those skills and then incorporating them into how you work and think.

Be committed to growing yourself 10 times. That means getting outside of your comfort zone and learning things about other departments and things that are not in your job today but will likely be coming your way.

Take what you learn, apply it, and practice it until you become better and master the skills and capabilities.


The People Are The Company

People who resist this very important Core Value do not fit on the Innovator crew.

At Innovator, we want people that are curious and constantly looking to improve.

The people are the company, and if we do not have a vision to improve ourselves everyday, then that will reflect in the business.

And a company full of people not looking to get better, means that the company is not going to get better. If the company doesn’t get better, then it will fail.

Are you getting better everyday, constantly adding value to your company – or are you coasting along, waiting until someone tells you to learn something new(when it might be too late)?

What are you doing today to become 1% better than yesterday so that you can grow and add value?

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