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100x Technology In 10 Years

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The Journey of 100x Technology Growth

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping our world, the concept of “100x Technology” emerges as a testament to the rapid pace of innovation. From the predictions of Moore’s Law to the tangible shifts we witness today, technology’s exponential growth is undeniable. But are we ready for the changes it brings?


Accelerating Pace of Technological Evolution

Does technology frighten you or do you embrace it full-on? Are you an early adopter or do you resist change?

Moore’s Law was written in 1965 to predict that technology would double every 12 to 18 months. From 1965 to Today. This law held true to predict when computers would be in everyone’s home.

It predicted when digital cameras would displace film. It predicted when you would have a mobile phone in your pocket.

It turns out that due to consistent exponential technology growth, the next 10 years will change everything. How we work, how we live, how we play, even how we learn.

The needle on this moved even faster with the response the world has had to come up with during the COVID crisis.

During times that test the limits of what we can do, we push forward extra hard, and technology has come a long way in increasing worker safety and in encouraging even the most computer-illiterate to learn how to have a video call.


We’re At 1%

Now imagine this, if right now, today represents the number 1 in terms of all the technology we have as a starting point. In 12-18 months all that technology will double to the #2.

In 3 years that will be #4 – 4 times the level of today’s technology in just 3 years.

Following this trend in 10 years, we will be living in a world with more than 100 times the complexity and advancement in technology.

That level of expansion has never been experienced in the history of mankind.

It’s more growth than going from being a caveman to becoming a nuclear scientist

Today we are at 1% of what the world will be in technology development just 10 years from now.

Travel Speed, Virtual Reality, Holograms, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printed Anything, and Self Driving Transport to name a few.


Technology In Our Industry

In the Industrial Maintenance industry, we’ve seen huge improvements in digitizing safety with easy-to-use weekly reporting systems. We’ve seen productivity and safety increase with more technologies coming out that let you make repairs without hot work.

Just a few examples are Quickflange, Forge Bonding, and Cold Work Grinders & Cutters. These services are saving lives and improving productivity for facilities, a big win-win.

And who knows what we will see in another 10 years? Will more technology come out that gets around hot work? If so, welders and others involved in fire safety will have to adapt to the improvements in technology.

Maybe oil and gas will be replaced as energy sources. If so, we will have to adapt.


Embrace Change

In order for all of us to survive, we can’t hold back. 18 months means everyone just lapped you. 3 years will make you look like you are working with whale oil in an electric age.

To thrive you need to jump in with both feet. Self-learn, don’t wait to be invited to a training class.

It will be an exciting time if you quickly embrace change and adapt. It will be a scary world to live in if have a mindset to hold on to what works while the world makes you and your rotary dial phone obsolete.



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