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Take Advantage of Our Hydrotesting Rentals

Whether you’re running a large pipe fabrication yard or just need to perform occasional hydrotests on your own pipe systems, having the right equipment is critical. However, hydrotesting equipment is large and costly, so purchasing your own may not always be the best option.

Fortunately, Innovator Industrial Services has you covered. We offer full-service hydrotesting with our highly trained technicians, as well as rental equipment that’s on-hand and ready for your crews.

We talked to Brent Soper, Rentals & Assets Manager at Innovator, who gave us the details about this beneficial service.

Innovator equipment rentals

Innovator offers a full-service rental program. And it is staffed by highly experienced personnel like Soper to guide you through the entire process. This includes everything from identifying the best equipment for your job to getting a quote.

“I like to let them know I’m here for any advice they need or questions they may have, and I’ll ensure they get the equipment they really need to get the job done right,” Soper says.

The rental team understands the ins and outs of hydrotesting, knows all of the components required, and can even troubleshoot your setup to make sure you get the proper equipment for your test. And best of all, they can usually get you set up with the equipment you need right away.

What we offer

Whether you need an entire hydrotesting setup or just a few specific parts, Innovator offers everything in one place.

When you need a full setup, the best option may be one of our Hydrowagons. These custom-fabricated trailers are outfitted with complete systems to fill, pressurize, test, and drain a piping system. They’re fully mobile and completely ready to use. This makes them a popular choice for many of our clients. These trailers can even be customized to your needs.

If you require specific components instead of this large-scale solution, our off-the-shelf inventory is extensive. “We are basically a one stop shop for anything to do with hydrotesting; we have literally thousands of pieces of equipment here and available for rent to clients, as well as the technicians to do the work if they need that too,” Soper notes.

Here are just a few of the items Innovator has available for rent:

  • chart recorders
  • engineered test headers
  • test plugs
  • hydrotest blinds
  • gauges
  • manifolds
  • safety valves
  • pumps
  • hoses
  • fittings
  • glycol (to use as a test medium)

Putting your safety first

In order to keep your crews and our technicians safe, all of our equipment is inspected and recertified after every single use.

“Not only do we visually inspect all returned test plugs,” Soper explains. “We go to the lengths of putting them into a pipe and hydrotesting the, up to their max pressure, and then write up a whole new test certificate for the tool before it’s sent back out.”

In addition to these extensive safety checks, there are also ongoing continuing education programs for rental personnel and technicians. Because of this, you can rest assured you’re getting the best, safest equipment available from the most knowledgeable staff around.

Whether you need a full-service solution or just the right equipment for your next hydrotesting job, call Innovator first — we’ll get you headed in the right direction, fast.

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