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Extend the Life of Your Heat Exchangers


Heat Exchangers Maintenance for Longevity

In pipe systems, heat exchangers are essential for ensuring optimal system operation and safety. Regular inspections can reveal corrosion inside exchanger tubes before a serious problem arises, and the best practice is to repair the issue as soon as it’s found.

Innovator shortens the time between identifying an issue and repairing it. Our cross-trained crews can perform inspections, gather measurements and material requirements, and we can then perform the repair as soon as the sleeve tubing is received. In essence, we’re a one-stop shop!


Inspections are an Innovator specialty

Innovator Industrial Services is well-equipped to handle regular inspections and preventative maintenance programs, as well as emergency inspections if you’re experiencing any problems with your heat exchanger tubes.

“Reliable inspection and repair is of high importance,” says Don Cooper, CEO at Innovator. “They’re an integral part of keeping a facility running and maintaining production.”

Our technicians are able to detect corrosion inside tubes using APR inspection, helping you head off any serious issues before they happen.

However, corrosion isn’t the only problem that can arise with exchanger tubes; sometimes you may simply need to eliminate undesired vibration or turbulence within the tube. Our technicians are prepared to identify those situations as well.


Heat exchangers repair

We perform repairs, too  

Identifying an issue in your heat exchanger or exchanger tubes only solves part of the problem, though; you also need a reliable way to repair or replace these items quickly and safely.

Innovator is partnered with tool manufacturing experts in extending heat exchanger life. Our crews train with the latest technologies, sharpening their skills through both technical theory and hands-on practice.

The tools are “based on a principle of elasticity and plastic deformation, and material being able to expand within an existing tube to renew the interior surface and prolong its life,” explains Cooper. Repair techniques include resleeving exchange tubes, either entirely or in part.

This level of training has improved the result that our customers receive in their heat exchanger repairs. “It allows us to offer a service we have not been able to offer before,” Cooper says. “Now that both services are in house, response times are greatly improved and almost all inspections and repairs can be performed immediately.”

Detection and repair — no one else does both. Innovator is proud to close the loop between heat exchanger inspections and repairs, offering you the turnkey service you need!

If you find yourself in need of a hot tap or line stop, we hope you’ll lean on the speed and expertise of IIS. Get in touch to learn more about what Innovator’s catalog of pre-approved engineered hot tap and line stop fittings can do for you. Contact us by email at info@innovatorind.com, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or on our website.


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