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Pipe-To-Flange Weldless Connections


Pipe-To-Flange Weldless Connections

Innovator’s Weldless Connections are a safe and cost-effective solution for your pipe-to-flange fixes.

One of the most common activities technicians perform during construction and maintenance projects is fitting flanges to pipes.

While techs have welded flanges to piping on job sites for decades, a safe substitute for this process hasn’t existed until relatively recently. Our Innovator Weldless Connection technology provides facility managers an incredibly safe solution without the need for welding. Or any hot work, for that matter.

They’re not only safe but also very cost-effective. In addition, their ease of use helps facility managers maintain project timelines.

The Secret

The secret to our weldless pipe-to-flange connections is their ability to join pipes to flanges without any form of heat or traditional welding. Despite the uncommon method, Innovator Weldless Connections are just as strong as traditional welds, maintaining structural integrity and preventing any leakage, just as you would expect with standard flanges.

This process is made possible through cold-forging, a process of shaping and connecting the metals at room temperature.


With no hot work involved, Innovator Weldless Connection technology makes repairs:
  • Safe – Innovator Weldless Connections are safer than traditional flange welds because they do not create any heat or sparks. This reduces fire risks and prevents injuries.
  • Cost-effective – Cold-forging is much more practical than traditional welding in both material costs and the time required for flange fittings and repairs.
  • Fast – Technicians can accomplish the majority of weldless pipe-to-flange connections in just 15 minutes or less, meaning you will not experience long downtimes.
  • Easy – For many projects, pipe-to-flange connections require technicians to perform work in hard-to-reach or dangerous places, which hot work can make worse. By using Innovator Weldless Connection technology, crews can avoid the dangers of difficult welds.
  • Versatile and strong – Innovator Weldless Connections are available for use on many metals. They are also corrosion resistant both in crevices and along joints.

When facility managers employ Innovator Weldless Connections, they can avoid many of the risks associated with traditional welding.

In addition to heat and sparks, traditional welding produces fumes and gases that can be dangerous to welders and others in work areas. Welding also increases fire and explosion risks because of the sparks and heat it produces. Moreover, traditional hot welding is very loud and dangerous to vision. Cold-forged Innovator Weldless Connections greatly reduce these and other dangers. This makes installation very safe and easy to manage.

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