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Our Pay-Once Promise: Lower Your Sealant Reinjection Costs

Our Pay Once Promise

The Pay-Once Promise: A Shift from Leak repairs Maintenance to Lasting Repair & Prevention

Companies rely on contractors to perform leak repairs on their pressurized system, but often, these fixes are short term — quickly morphing from leak repair into leak maintenance, creating escalating and ongoing costs.

When a repair fails and a leak reappears, the customer is left calling (and paying) the contractor to do the work again and again. It’s a constant cycle, with a never-ending flow of expenses.

Innovator Industrial Services has a different approach. We don’t believe our customers call us for leak maintenance; they call us for leak Repair & Prevention. That means that once you’ve paid for a repair, should a leak reappear, you don’t need to pay for reinjection services.


Innovator Pay-once Promise

Our Pay-Once Promise

“There’s a big difference between a typical leak-maintenance contractor and what we do,” Innovator President Don Cooper explains. “We actually want to help our customers create a leak-free workplace.”

In fact, we’re so committed that we made it our motto: Your partner in building a leak-free workplace.

We take that mission seriously and stand behind our work. We apply the best technology, best materials, most highly skilled technicians and an engineered approach to ensure work is done right the first time. If a job does require additional work, we fix it for no additional cost.

“When we finish our work, our Pay-Once Promise kicks in,” Cooper says. “If the leak does reoccur, we come back and perform reinjection services for free.”

The Pay-Once Promise is just another service offering that sets us apart from the competition.

Cooper explains, “It’s a performance commitment that shows we have skin in the game in this low oil market and that we have the ability to back up our value proposition.”

Innovator believes that a true partnership requires equal commitment. We’re committed to your success and safety, and we’re willing to put in the extra work upfront to ensure we never let you down.

Innovator Industrial Solutions handles every industrial pipeline project with commitment and integrity. Contact us by email at newsletter@innovatorind.com, by phone at (855) 436-4666, or on our website. You’ll never need to contact anyone else.


A Leaking Flange that Innovator Could Fix with our Leak Repair Pay Once Promise

The Pay Once Promise

Innovator offers the Pay Once Promise for leak repairs, guaranteeing that if the repair fails, they will fix it again for free, prioritizing long-term partnership over revenue.

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