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Evolving with Impact Safety

“These incidents caused me to knuckle down and I developed a simple spreadsheet that uses math to evaluate and develop a Impact safety plan for our crews on a daily basis.”Impact Safety

“I didn’t want any of my employees to get hurt. This cluster of incidents was an awakening.”

– Don Cooper, President & CEO

After a cluster of safety incidents on one project back in 2012(all involving supervisors), Don realized that the basic impact safety compliance required at the time was not enough to ensure his employees were safe.

The safety manuals, forms, and policies weren’t driving the kind of safety behaviours that ensure nobody gets hurt on the job.

So he took matters into his own hands.


It Started With Pen And Paper

Starting from a simple spreadsheet where employees would log their safety behaviours daily to help everyone understand what the hazards were, that spreadsheet has evolved into a completely digitized, fully transparent process.

Don explains,

“Within Impact Safety, [the safety scorecard] arms every single person from entry level to supervisor to superintendent a tool where they can see how many people are on the job and how long they’re going to be there. And they can view hazard data on that job.

This system is digitized so all employees can participate in it with either paper or a tablet at their site. Many employees have a tablet for recording safety but it’s not always possible because of the environments they work in. In some cases they can only use paper, so we figured out a way to digitize the paper so we can feed the system.

This data gives the team insight into any at-risk behaviors, inspection risks or other safety hazards, and supervisors and managers are armed to see what everyone in the company is doing.”

The Impact Safety system empowers everyone in the company the ability to report data daily on any potential hazards, and collaborate with supervisors and managers to eliminate the potential risks before any incident can ever happen.


Full Transparency

Lastly, as Don shares, the Impact Safety system is also an extremely useful tool for Innovator’s clients:

“Having such a robust safety system doesn’t just provide us the data to keep everyone safe, but it allows us to provide dashboards and reports in real time to our customers. This creates massive value for our clients.”

The Impact Safety system is just one of many innovations that not only protects workers from potentially life altering safety incidents…

But gives clients all the data they need to understand exactly what is happening with their project so they can understand any actions they’ll want to take to make sure their project goes smoothly.

And it is this commitment to safety and our clients that is leading Innovator into its 9th year with Total Recordable Injury Rate of zero.




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Safety Is A Team Sport

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