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#1 Core Value is “Family First”

Innovator’s internal culture has several core values.

First among these is “Family First.”

From the start, Innovator was something different: a safe workplace where employees are family, and their families are important. I think that attracts the best people, and those people want to stay with us longer.

Every employee treats every colleague, and every client, like family. In essence, we all have each other’s back.

“Life” and “Work” should never be in battle; ehy should be balanced and supportive of each other.

We know we can always rely on each other when there are issues or challenges at work, or at home, and that we support each other.

“Family First” is not about being a pal who drops by unannounced for your barbeque, or slaps you on the back when the home teams wins the big game.

Often, we go weeks, even months or years, without seeing a family member, but we know that, when the worst happens, they will be there to comfort and support you.

That’s Family First. It’s a mindset, an attitude, and a path to mutual success.

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