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Construction Support: Innovator’s Successful Partnership

Curious how Innovator’s Construction Support works?Innovator Construction Support

First, we meet your expectations, then we exceed them.

Throughout 2014, Innovator worked as a sub-contractor for an organization working on a very large pipe fabrication project for a major oil producer. The contractor was responsible for constructing the entire piping system for the oil company’s newest plant.

Because they had worked with us in the past, they were familiar with our pressure testing capabilities. They brought us in to perform tests and deliver fabricated systems ready for pre-commissioning.

Below is just one of many examples. We show you how successful this project was, not only for Innovator, but the contractor and owner as well.


Great Services Means Greater Responsibility

The scope of this project was huge. Over the course of eight months, the Innovator team executed about 180,000 direct hours in the field. The contractor appreciated our extensive service offerings. And after just a few weeks on-site, these total hours were spent doing a lot more than just pressure testing.

As the project grew, the contractor began to rely on Innovator’s Construction Support expertise in all areas of construction. They began using more of our group’s services, including on-site machining and an expanded role in project management.

For any job, we work hard to make every aspect of a project run smoothly. From bulk construction to knowledge of the processes of different systems to pre-commissioning, each task is looked at and completed in relation to the entire project. This ensures a reliable end product and a happy customer.

This thoroughness and expertise were exceptionally beneficial for our relationship with this contractor. After seeing what we could do in action, they trusted us with full project management for the hydro-testing project.

We didn’t take the responsibility lightly. At each stage, Innovator Construction Support delivered better-than-expected results. We established processes, showed expertise in project management, provided detailed tracking, and practiced methodical implementation.

Most importantly, we helped the contractor exceed the client’s expectations.

Trust between contractors and sub-contractors is essential in critical and time-sensitive projects…

And we work to earn that trust!

While this occurred back in 2014, our ability to perform at the highest level has only improved.

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