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The Only Leak-Free Guarantee You'll Ever Need.

Based on a survey we performed, three out of four contractors you hire to perform a leak repair will often add an extra 20-30% in revenue to their business plan, because they know they’ll be back to fix it again?

They are expecting the repairs to fail ahead of time and are planning for an expense you shouldn’t have, increasing costs and frustration around a leak that’s supposed to be fixed.

They aren’t selling you leak repair, they’re selling you leak maintenance.

Innovator guarantees your leak repairs with the Pay Once Promise.

  • When we come to your facility to make a leak repair, and if the repair doesn’t hold, we fix it again for free.
  • Have complete confidence in your next leak repair by knowing that if it does fail, it’s guaranteed, and if we do have to fix it again, it’s free.
  • Stop buying ongoing leak maintenance, and start buying leak repair.
Innovator Pay once Promise
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Why Would We Do This? And What Does It Mean For You?

We’ll be perfectly transparent with you, the truth is we care much more about forming a long lasting partnership with you. A longer partnership with you is more important than fabricating an extra 30% in revenue off of one job. Innovator’s Pay Once Promise is our way of providing our clients a risk-free
guarantee. It is based on the premise that when you hire a contractor to fix a leak… You expect it to stay fixed!

Depending on the type of repair you’re getting done, we will guarantee that repair anywhere from 30 days to more than a full year. While other contractors might throw you a guarantee on their leak repairs, what they are usually saying is that they will give your money back if the fixed leak starts up again. And while that’s better than nothing, you ultimately probably don’t really care about that. What you really want is the leak to not happen in the first place. So with our Pay Once Promise, we put our own skin in the game to make sure your repairs stay repaired.

Innovator wants to be your partner in building a leak-free workplace.

Stop buying leak maintenance, and start buying leak repair.

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