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Stay Leak Free with Innovator so that Facility and Pipeline Leak Repair Won’t Keep You Up at Night

Leaks can range from a minor nuisance to a major gusher that compromises safety and/or production, but they all have one thing in common: they can add up to a lot of time and money.

Innovator: Your Partner in Building a Leak-Free Workplace

Facility maintenance planners and reliability engineers know that for safety’s sake, and to restore productivity while safeguarding the environment, it’s critical to initiate a leak repair as quickly as possible, ideally without significantly interrupting production. When time is money, as in the case of a leak, facility maintenance specialists across the oil and gas production, petrochemical and energy production industries are looking for a solution that marries the latest technology to the most trusted expertise in order to stay leak free.

At Innovator, leak repair and facility maintenance are at the core of our business, and we are constantly striving to develop creative repair strategies that combine a range of technological offerings, all delivered with a dedication to service and continuous improvement. We also focus on ensuring all of our technicians are cross-trained across our full range of leak-related technologies. This way, we can look at your issue without a specific solution in mind, offering you maximum versatility to design the right solution for you — quickly and cost-effectively.

Onstream Leak Repair via Enclosures and Composite Solutions

When it comes to onstream leak repairs, innovator’s composite time-efficiency is crucial to safeguarding workers and the environment while minimizing lost productivity and even product loss. Innovator saw an opportunity to greatly improve the time to resolution (and cost effectiveness) by developing pre-fabricated and pre-approved enclosures.

By designing a plethora of leak-repair enclosures for a wide variety of applications, submitting those designs in bulk and in advance to safety authorities for pre-approval, and then manufacturing them so they’re on the shelf ready to go, we can respond to your needs very quickly, often within the hour.

Compare that to the typical process in which a technician has to visit the site to gather information and take measurements, which are then given to engineers who design a leak containment device reactively and seek approval for it — a process that can stretch from four to six weeks.

As an alternative, we also feature composite pipe wrap repairs as an economical repair alternative for piping and pipeline applications.

Hot Taps and Line Stops

Many times throughout the operating cycle at your facility, block valves and other piping components need to be replaced or repaired while the remainder of the unit continues to operate. Hot taps and line stops can also be used reactively to assist in a leak repair in these circumstances. They allow us to divert and stop the flow of product in a pipe through isolation by inserting new access points while the pipes are still running. By temporarily taking part of a system off line while the rest of the facility runs unaffected, faulty valves can be repaired quickly and non-destructively, without seriously impacting productivity.

Freeze Plugs and Other Solutions

In addition to hot taps and line stops, another effective option to provide needed isolations is with the use of cryogenic line freeze plugs. Freeze plug isolations can provide a temporary block to any line allowing for an uninterrupted service repair.

Innovator also provides a host of related services to complement our leak repair offering, from proactive leak prevention through inspection and leak detection, to methods that can be used reactively during a leak or during scheduled off-line maintenance, including valve packing injections, valve seal injection isolations, and flange and heat exchanger leak sealing.

Trust Innovator for On Stream Repair and Maintenance

At Innovator, we pride ourselves on bringing all three of our core values to all our services, this applies just as strongly to our on-stream repairs and maintenance offering: develop and deploy Innovative, state of the art technology, provide services with exceptional technician training and extraordinary customer service that delivers greater value to our clients. It’s all part of our commitment to keep our clients leak-free.

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