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Innovator's 3 Uniques

When Combined We Create a Truly Unique Value For Our Clients

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Collaborative Experience

  • Sales Process is Designed to be Collaborative
  • Every Project is Sold and Executed Based on R.I.S.K (Sales, Ops, Client Alignment)
  • Client and Crew Are Involved in and Receive Job Plans
  • NPS Reputation is Built on R.I.S.K and Delivering What the Proposal and Job Plan Communicate
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Optimized Execution

  • Always Prepared, Always Proactive, Never in Panic and React Mode
  • Always Seeking Best Value to Increase Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness
  • Seeking to Have the Fewest Number of People With Integrated Multi-Talented Crews
  • Proactive Thinking for Found Work and Contingency for Craft and Assets in Detail
  • Project Owners Mindset By All
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  • Be Leaders in Contractor Reporting With Automated Standard Reporting for All With Custom Reporting On Larger Projects
  • Work Progress Automation
  • Safety Proactive Automated Reporting
  • Tracking and Reporting Productivity Insights
  • Real-Time Cost Reporting

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