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Industrial Innovator’s Podcast Ep015: CUI Inspection With Dave Russell of Russell NDE

This week on The Industrial Innovator’s Podcast we have got the President of Russel NDE Systems, Dve Russell. He is on to talk all about an innovative new method of tube inspection, specific to corrosion under insulation, also known as CUI inspection. Russell NDE Systems Inc. undertakes research and development as well as design and manufacture of NDE instruments. Products include the Ferroscope, Adept, software, Radalarm ®, See Snake and HydraSnake Inspection Robots, and RFT downhole casing tool. Custom design of NDE systems and development of software is routinely undertaken.
The staff of Russell pride themselves on delivering exceptional value for money. We know that customers deal with people that they can trust, and who deliver excellent technical expertise in a friendly and helpful manner. This is why you too can rely on Russell NDE Systems Inc. for all of your Quality Assurance needs.

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