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IMPACT And Safety Scorecard – Driving Safety And Turnaround Productivity Forward

At Innovator we have created two great tools we are very proud of that have dramatically increased both employee safety and productivity at our company. They are the IMPACT assessment and the Safety Scorecard..

The IMPACT assessment drives workplace productivity, and the Safety Scorecard is responsible for us having gone the last 7 years with a TRIR of zero.

First, the IMPACT assessment is an observation on productivity that employees report on. This is based on 35 work face delays that allows every employee to report on the time wasted each day. They can report every single day on the one thing that is slowing them down the most. Let’s take for example that they have to wait 2 or 3 hours that day for a work permit, they can report that so that we know about it and can address it.

This way, instead of waiting 2 weeks in the project or longer to talk with stakeholders about productivity factors (where everyone blames each other), we obtain daily reports that give us a trend on productivity through both day and night shifts. You can easily segment these reports by different crews.

This allows us to develop a productivity plan around all things that are impacting their productivity, and do it well in advance of costing significant dollars. It provides actionable data that can make a monumental change in how the project is managed.

Second, our Safety Scorecard is based on the premise of leading indicators that are predictive of success. By analyzing thousands of safety documents and comparing the results across multiple projects, we have uncovered a logarithm. From this, we were able to create safety data and provide a system where whether a job requires 50 man hours or 50,000, we can get real time feedback from our employees on what is slowing them down.

It empowers every employee – whether they are new or have 10 years with us. They can go into their mobile device and create themselves a Safety Scorecard. And anyone in the company can see it.

On top of that, it empowers supervisors and managers with great coaching tools – they can see who’s doing what and who’s not holding their weight. Then they can decide based on that information what actions to take.

We’re very excited to be able to provide these tools for our clients.

They have allowed us to double down on both safety and productivity, leading to a supportive environment that benefits both the employees and the company.

Every challenge is accepted. We start with how, and then we find a way.

Don Cooper Founder & CEO
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